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Event Video Production

Video increases the time and ways people engage with events. Video can build excitement through promotional ads, keep guests entertained with custom content, be livestreamed to facilitate attendance from afar, and immortalize the proceedings through highlight reels. With so many opportunities, it can be difficult to determine what types of video services your event needs. To help, we’ve compiled a list of the most common events and how a professional video company can enhance them. 

What are the main events for hiring a video production company? 


How does video help fundraisers?


Tables are prepared for fundraising Event


Fundraisers are an incredible opportunity, but every dollar spent making the event amazing is one less dollar raised. Event video production can be expensive, but when done right can make your fundraiser more successful than imagined. 

Your event can’t raise money if no one shows up. Professional video companies can develop snappy and elegant promos that communicate the importance of your cause and the activities that will make the event memorable. They can also use their video distribution know-how to get the most eyes on your promo, increasing RSVPs. 

Fundraisers succeed when they appeal to donor emotions. Professional video companies can develop powerful and dynamic videos about your cause, using the language of cinema to leave a strong impact. And when the perfect speaker can’t make the event, they can pre-record the speech in impeccable video and audio quality. 

A video production company can also livestream your event, allowing participation from afar. The livestream can be interactive, complete with chats, links to donate, and even the opportunity to bid real-time in auctions. Through streaming, an event’s audience is greatly expanded. Livestreaming can be complicated. Not only do you need a strong, stable internet connection, you also have to manage various audio and video feeds, as well as integrate pre-recorded materials and graphics. A professional video company has the knowledge and experience to ensure the stream goes smoothly. 

Professional footage of your event can be utilized in next year’s promo video, shared during fundraising initiatives, and used in recruitment videos. When your event is great, you want the best quality footage to show it off. A professional video company will have the equipment and expertise to navigate the event environment and capture all the right moments in creative and engaging ways. 

How should you use video for business conferences (presentations, panels, talks)?

Third camera records audience reaction at talk event


At a business conference, you want to look your best, and nothing screams unprofessional like poorly shot footage. Whether you are livestreaming a talk or recording a panel for future use, a professional video company will capture your insights at the highest quality and seamlessly integrate any slides and infographics. They will also be able to edit the event afterward, removing any technical hiccups or awkward moments. By editing the footage, you can turn an illuminating address into evergreen content

Even interesting talks can turn monotonous without variation. Professional video companies can spice up your presentation with multiple cameras. One camera can record a close-up that will emphasize key points, another camera can record a wide shot, and a third can show the reaction of the audience. Camera angles can be swapped on the fly by a director while the talk is streamed or can be chosen during post-production. Demonstrative footage and full-screen slides can also be added in post to elevate the presentation.

How do you get great concert video? 

Professional video production company shoots concert on high end camera


The video of your concert should match its energy. This means using specialized equipment, such as gimbals for smooth gliding shots, sliders to push in on performers, and cranes to swoop through the venue. This equipment is expensive and requires skill to operate. Capturing audio in a concert setting can also be challenging. Specialized mics, and live sound mixing is often required. A professional video company can provide this and more. They can also help you set up the stage so your concert looks great when filmed. This includes managing lights, props, and any supplemental media. Once the performance is over, skilled editors will be able to switch between camera angles to show the stand-out moments and cut the footage to the beat.

Can you use video for milestone events (weddings, grand openings, ceremonies)?


Professional videographers film ceremony with multiple cameras


During pivotal life events, every moment matters. But weddings, ceremonies, and grand openings progress without concern for the videographer. An amateur videographer might struggle to find the right shot, or lose focus on the subject during a key moment. Professional video production companies have years of experience covering these kinds of events. Their videographers can anticipate an event’s flow and have a command of their equipment that ensures they reliably get great images. Professional video production companies can also create a sense of scale to match the event’s importance. For example, they can use drones to give the proceedings grandeur or use lens filters to give the event a dreamy and magical quality.

How do you plan video shoots for trade shows?


For event organizers, professional video production companies can capture time-lapses that demonstrate the scale of attendance. They can also create montages of the many different booths. For event participants, professional video companies can capture the authentic reactions of booth visitors. They can also develop display videos that will attract a crowd or explain the complexities of the product being demonstrated. And if your presence at the trade show spans many booths or locations, multiple video teams can coordinate to make sure everything is captured. 

What is the best way to integrate video with product reveal events?


First impressions are pivotal to the success of a product. The reveal of your product should be awe-inspiring. By hiring a video production company to create a video for your product reveal event, you can play with scale, enlarging your product to IMAX proportions. You can also create animations that will illuminate your vision. Testimonial and behind-the-scenes videos can further explain the design decisions behind your product. And when attendees get hands-on time with the product, tutorial videos will ensure they properly use your product, creating the best chance of a great impression.

How can video help support activism & charity work?

Video team records charity work at charity event

If you don’t show off the amazing work you are doing, it can be challenging to inspire others, encourage donations, or build legitimacy. By hiring a video production company to film one of your events, you can capture the breadth of your operations and motivate others to get involved. If you are asking for donations, it is vital that your videos are professional. People want to give money to charities they believe will use their donations well. Even if you do great work, a poorly made video can cast doubt on your ability to spend money wisely. While you are busy making the world a better place, a video production company can capture the poignant moments that communicate why your work matters. 

To see a great example of this type of video, check out this video we did for Matthew McConaughey:



Hopefully, this blog has given you a good sense of the many ways you can use a professional video production company’s services for your event video needs. At Indigo, we have decades of experience working on event videos. Watch our videos, check out our website, and if you think Indigo can help you with a future event, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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