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Live Stream Video Production Professionals

Indigo Productions is the go-to leader that top companies have relied on for flawless execution of their live stream events and virtual events for more than a decade.  We are intimately familiar with every technique and every platform so we can recommend the best solution for you.

Our live streaming clients include the United Nations, Viacom, NYU, the US Department of State, Ogilvy, the Palace Hotel, The Conference Board, Fordham University, Stellex Capital, and dozens of other world-class organizations. Indigo’s financial clients include…  These are organizations at the top of their game that settle for nothing less than the best. For these clients and dozens of others, we’ve successfully produced:

Investor day events
Financial quarterly updates
Product launches
Educational panels
Commencements & Graduations
Virtual tours
Trade show sessions
Annual meetings
Business summits
Remote Learning
Entertainment specials
Keynote presentations
Corporate milestone celebrations
Training sessions
Fundraising events
Town hall meetings
Press conferences
All-hands meetings

Live Stream Production Companies – Services and Benefits 

Live streaming has become an essential component to a communications toolkit, transitioning from a stopgap measure during the pandemic to a mainstay. These events can generate real ROI while offering maximum flexibility and the ability to stream to a global audience. There are no distance barriers to overcome on the part of attendees, hosts or panelists. 

Want a keynote speaker or panelist who’s based across the country or across the world? No problem. We have the ability to switch between feeds and patch in guests no matter where they are and have them seamlessly interact with your live audience.

Viewers have opportunities to engage with speakers, hosts and each other in real time and take advantage of the power of human interaction. Live streams also foster greater engagement through polls, social media links, break-out sessions and even gamification for team-building. Launching a fundraiser? A donation button is just one of the many tailorable options we offer. And live streaming your event allows you to capture new leads for your sales and marketing teams by requiring contact information to log in.

After the live stream, the benefits continue. Indigo Productions can provide instant analytics so you know who and how attendees respond. In addition, we record every live production for replays and creating cut-downs for marketing, social media, highlights reels, and training purposes.

Indigo Productions, the Live Stream Company

Indigo’s track record combines technical expertise, creative innovation and a smooth client experience. We offer fully supported, end-to-end solutions to help you amplify your brand cost-effectively. For each live stream event we provide a team of industry pros, accomplished in every facet of virtual production your project demands – from producers, camera operators and editors, to set designers, lighting specialists and graphics experts.

We’re specialists in high performance equipment such as Teradek and AJA, that deliver crystal clear streaming as well as proficient in high efficiency streaming protocols like HEVC, H.265 and SRT.

We are also platform-agnostic, meaning we can live stream your production on a platform you may already be partnered with or another fully vetted platform of your choice such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Intrado, Digitell, ON24, among others. 

Need a private live stream? We specialize in private corporate webcasts where security is of the utmost importance. We can control where the stream goes with passwords, geo-blocking or player-embed controls that allow us to determine which domains to stream on. 

Integrating technical know-how with compelling content is where we shine.

Our Live Stream Production Process

Indigo takes pride in our process, which is collaborative, thorough, and covers every contingency. We’ve worked in nearly every major venue in New York City and have full insurance coverage. 

Step 1: Kick-Off

What are your objectives? Who is your target audience? How complex of a live stream production do you need? Would you like us to provide graphics? Pre-produced videos? During the discovery phase we assess your needs, spell out the scope of work, and define success in order to map out a strategy and creative direction for a successful live stream event.

Step 2: Game Plan

Now that we know what and why, we determine how. Indigo provides a team tailor-fit to your requirements. We work with you to choose the appropriate platform, determine bandwidth requirements and then come up with a timeline and coordinate schedules. We’ll verify your existing internet connection to ensure it’s strong and reliable. If not, we’ll provide another solution. From there we put together a list of features, apps and equipment, as simple or as complex as your production and budget require. It might entail multiple cameras, teleprompters, special lighting and more. 

Step 3: Run-through

If needed, we do a technical rehearsal to ensure everything goes off without a hitch and there are no snags during the event. This is also the time for talent to run through their roles. Our team gives on-camera hosts and guests the confidence they need to deliver like seasoned professionals.

Step 4: The Event

Success is all about the logistics and the details. Back-up systems are set, security is in place and the talent is ready. We seamlessly coordinate all the components to ensure a memorable event that reaches your goals while delighting your audience. Clients tell us the feeling of being fully prepared on show day is priceless.

Step 5: Post-Event

The live stream may be over, but our job isn’t done. We provide analytics to measure your success and give you a recording of the event.  Many clients ask us to edit the event for long-term hosting, and also to produce highlight reels and shorter clips for social media.

Our other services include video production, virtual events, video editing, commercial video production, corporate video production, financial video production and social media video production

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Live Stream Company FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Video Production Services

The speed is actually less important than the bandwidth being dedicated to the event.  In other words, it’s critical to ensure the event is not on a shared network which could interfere with your stream. If you have dedicated Internet bandwidth, we can produce a professional live stream with as little as 5 Mbps.

Technically yes… but we don’t recommend it. Wifi is subject to wireless interference which can cause disruptions. We highly recommend ethernet instead.

Yes. We are specialists in providing connectivity and management for venues with no Internet connection. We can bring in Internet via satellite, microwave, cellular bonding, or a combination of all, based on the location.

Many factors go into determining a budget for a live stream event: The number of cameras, the size of the crew, the streaming platform and the size of the audience are just a few. At Indigo Productions, we provide different solutions for low, medium, and high budget jobs.  Please contact us for details.

A simple event can be planned and executed in one day. A complex event often takes weeks to plan. The timeline will be longer or shorter depending upon the complexity of the event.

Absolutely. We work in every major city in the United States and have experienced partners in many countries throughout the world.

Ready to create a dynamic, fully immersive live stream event that delights your audience?  Please visit our contact page or call us at 212-765-5224 to learn how we can help you deliver an outstanding live stream production with white-glove service.

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