Multi-Camera Shoots

At Indigo, we’ve learned that successful multi-camera shoots come with years of honing these demanding storytelling skills. All aesthetic and technical production challenges are multiplied exponentially by the number of cameras. It requires precise teamwork, fast-paced multi-tasking, and grace under pressure.

For over 20 years Indigo Productions has flawlessly executed multi-camera shoots for prestigious clients, including the United Nations, Saks Fifth Avenue, Redken, and Macroeconomic Advisers.

We cover diverse live events such as concerts, business meetings, educational conferences, and fashion show extravaganzas. Live events move swiftly with no stops for retakes. We get just one chance to capture the action. Shooting with more than one camera provides both continuous coverage and multiple camera angles, which add visual depth to the show.

We also shoot television commercials, instructional videos, and intimate documentary interviews with multiple cameras. This limits the number of takes and saves time moving a single camera to different perspectives with the attendant lighting changes. Shooting multi-camera also assures that the action matches without any inconsistencies in editing continuity.

To coordinate complex multi-camera events, Indigo sets up a mini production studio on location where we direct each camera operator by headphones. From the control room we record each camera independently for editing during postproduction; and/or our director and technical director call live camera switches for satellite uplinks, web streaming, and broadcasts, depending on our client’s needs.

As part of our complete package of video production services, Indigo Productions produces multi-camera shoots. Advantages include:

  • complete event coverage
  • additional layers of visual depth
  • fewer re-takes
  • increased editing options
  • smooth transitions between shots
  • reliable continuity

Do you have an important live event you need to record? Do you have a tight post-production deadline? Let Indigo Productions provide the right multi-camera solution.

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