Live Event Coverage

Unlike a controlled studio environment, live event coverage requires an infinite number of carefully coordinated details.

With Indigo, you don’t need to worry. In fact, you can relax. Our team specializes in the various nuances and complexities of a live event and we will work with you to carefully plan and schedule so even the most prepared moments will feel fresh and exciting.

We can capture your once in a lifetime event so it will live forever.

As a one-stop production house, Indigo can handle every aspect of preparation and production; from setting up cameras, designing lighting, and managing equipment to shooting, editing, and distributing your live event.

By working with Indigo, you can relax and feel confident knowing that you’ve made the right choice. Our crew will work with you and your event planners ensuring that every department will understand your vision and will be able to execute it flawlessly during the event. We can handle virtually any kind of live event including:

  • conferences
  • keynote presentations
  • press launches
  • technology launches
  • sporting events
  • live music events
  • award ceremonies
  • workshops
  • fashion show
  • trade shows

If there’s a live event you want filmed, it’s as important to us as it is to you to make sure it’s captured. No moment is too big or too small. And with Indigo, our cameras are always rolling, so nothing is missed.

We will carefully coordinate every detail of the event with you, making sure that we won’t miss a moment, allowing you one less major detail to worry about. Once the raw footage is shot, we can handle the post-production into the final edit and prepare it for broadcast, distribution, or web integration.

As you begin planning your coverage of a live event, don’t you want the peace of mind in knowing that every moment of your event will be recorded? Let Indigo cover your next event!

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