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If you’re looking for video editing services for corporate videos, film, television, or social media, you’ve come to the right place!

Indigo has a team of experienced editors who can take your existing footage and turn it into valuable video for your organization. In addition to Video Editing Services, we’re also a full-service production company. The Indigo Productions team can shoot, direct, animate, and produce every type of video your company needs.

We have high-end editing suites with the latest systems, monitors, hardware and software—and most importantly, a team of industry leading professionals with the skills to take on any project.

Take a look at some of our recent work. Our team is standing by to help with your next video editing project!

About Indigo Productions

Indigo Productions is a New York City-based video editing and production company founded by Max Rosen in 1990. Our team of video editors has been creating commercials, corporate videos, event videos, plus films and TV shows for decades.

If you have a need for video editing services, Indigo Productions is the right place to be. Speak to one of our producers and get your project started today!

Our Clients

Indigo Productions, provides video editing services to some of the biggest companies in the world. 

Success Stories

From our decades of experience, we have thousands of satisfied clients who have used our video editing services. Here’s a selection of reviews from real clients.

Sony Pictures - five star review

Indigo is truly a team; your team.  They jumped in with both feet to make something new and exciting happen and delivered exactly what I asked for but went above and beyond in quality, scope & creativity.  The head of the company and team is transparent, results-driven and highly effective.  So good I almost want to keep it a secret so I have them all to myself!  LOL.

— Senior VP of Worldwide Content

Ogilvy - five star review

Indigo was straightforward, responsive, and ready to collaborate. This was my first time producing a live stream, and Indigo was patient with the multitude of questions - big & small - their response time was unparalleled. When it came to the day, we had an A+ crew from Indigo, and the stream went off without a hitch. Thank you, Indigo!

— Production Coordinator

Deutsche Bank - five star review

Massively impressed with Indigo's work on our corporate animated explainer video. Starting with our (sad) script, they turned it into an engaging, visual, and attention-grabbing sequence filled with symbols and emotional attachment. Additionally, Max and his team are reasonable and good to work with...we'll be back for more video work.

— Managing Director

Salesforce - five star review

I'm constantly impressed by Indigo Productions, they're an amazing company.  As a Preferred Partner & Vendor here at Salesforce, they've created over 50 videos for us over the years.  Indigo has a great team of professionals whose work is consistently innovative, visually stunning, and most importantly, masterful in delivering a powerful message.

— Enterprise Director

Viacom - five star review

Working with Indigo has been fantastic. Indigo brought vision, creativity, flexibility, leadership, and the rare ability to bring our ideas to the screen in the most dynamic way possible. I’m also delighted that they were able to scale up with us as the scope of the project expanded. Two thumbs way up for Indigo!

— Director of Content

health endeavors five star review

INCREDIBLE WORK!!!!! Indigo’s marketing video for our new app was shown to execs from Apple, Google, Amazon, and other top companies at an invitation-only health care conference at the White House. The entire audience applauded after the screening. It is simply the best marketing tool - with the highest ROI - that I have ever seen. Thank you, Indigo Productions!

— Chief Technology Officer

Why Companies Need Video Editing Services

If you have video editing needs, it’s a smart idea to hire outside help rather than trying to do it yourself. Indigo Productions has a team of master editors standing by to help small businesses, large corporations, social media influencers, and individuals transform their footage into incredible videos.

Here are some of the types of video editing projects we create:

Man uses phone in ad for Sleeper


The Indigo team loves making commercials for linear TV, pre-rolls, and connected TV. We have decades of experience making commercial spots from comedy to informational, covering consumer goods, professional services, and business-to-business (B2B) products and services. We’ll take a great idea and make it work for your format.

Video editing for christies, woman in chair

Corporate videos

We can edit footage that we shoot for you, or edit existing videos from your events, demos, or internal projects. We’ll create helpful videos to promote your business, drive sales, and educate your customers. Our team will work with you to create any kinds of video your company needs.

Presentation at event, recording

Event video editing

Let’s face it, that 45-minute keynote from your last conference is probably too long for a video. We can take the recordings from your events, including keynotes, demos, panel discussions, and behind-the-scenes, and cut them into any format. Event videos can be edited and sharpened for every type of audience, including social media users.

Stock market financial video

Financial Videos

If your company is in finance, investment, or accounting, it can be a challenge to find a creative partner that knows enough about your industry to deliver intelligent content. Indigo has years of experience working with some of the top names in the financial world.  You’ll find that we’re super-educated about finance as well as very easy to work with!

Social media video featuring young hip woman

Social media content

Video is the top-performing format on sites like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, but most companies need some help to get the best results. Rather than hiring a full-time video editor, Indigo Productions can take your existing media assets and create all the content you need for your social media calendar.

Man works with advanced video editing bay

Films and TV shows

Indigo Productions also provides video editing services to filmmakers, TV producers, and directors. If you need an outside editor to take your project to completion, our professionals have experience making feature films, network TV shows, as well as pilots and pitches. We’d love to help bring your project to life.

Our Video Editing Services

Indigo Productions can handle every part of your video editing project from start to finish. Our team of experienced editors, producers, directors, and writers provide services for each part of your project and will work with your team to get the results you need. Here’s what we’ll do for you:

Creative development

If you’re not sure what direction to take with your project, our team can help you make a plan, content calendar, and concept for your video editing project.

Writing and story

The best video editing starts with a great script or outline. Our team of writers can review your footage, learn about your goals and customers, and put together the right words and story for your project.

Art direction

A unique visual approach can help bring new life to your commercial. Add intriguing graphics to make your footage feel complete and cohesive—even if the footage is from different sources or projects.

Footage conversion

Don’t worry about processing, formatting, and organizing your video files. Our team will handle ingestion, conversion, and set-up so we can get moving on the project, the edit, and the videos you need sooner.


After converting and organizing your footage, the video editing work begins. Our team uses the latest hardware and software to edit your project at maximum resolution.

Animation and motion graphics

Need titles, lower thirds, or sleek motion graphics? Indigo productions can handle it all! Work with our team of designers and animators to create stylized animated characters or fully animated production projects.


Every creative project needs a director to oversee the vision and keep the project moving forward. We can pair your project with the right creative leader from our team or preferred partners. And we’re happy to work with outside directors as well. 

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Working With Indigo Productions

Working with Indigo Productions is easy, and we’ll work with you to customize a process to match your needs, timeline, and workflow. Every project is a little different, but here are the broad strokes of how our video editing services process works.

Step 1: Get A Quote

The first step is to speak to one of our producers to discuss your video editing project. Come prepared with as much information as you can. Your goals, the content you’d like to create, the available footage, and your timeline. We’ll review all the information, and get back to you with a plan and cost estimate. We produce high-quality work with a team of professionals, but we strive to keep costs low and efficient.

Step 2: Concepting and Creative Direction

Next, we’ll make a complete plan for your project, and develop a strong concept that everyone agrees on. We’ll work with your team to design an idea that works with your available footage and audience, and start gathering assets. This is also the phase where we start thinking about the art, style, and music, which will inform our writers as they begin to put the story together.

Step 3: Scripting

For most edits, the script comes next. We’ll write voiceovers and dialogue, create onscreen titles, and transcribe the existing footage to incorporate the spoken lines into the new concept. Our clients will be able to work with our writers and give feedback and suggestions, ensuring your goals are achieved and your brand is correctly represented. A tight and well-thought-out script speeds up the editing process.

Step 4: Collect assets

We’ll obtain the videos, images, and audio you want to use and convert them into the right format for editing. Organizing hours of footage can take some time, but we’ll make sure everything is imported and logged for easy access later.

Step 5: Edit

Now the real work begins. Our editors will load your files into the latest editing software, and create the first cut. We’ll work with your clips on a timeline, adding transitions and building the narrative, and export a rough first draft for your approval. We’ll continue to refine the edit until the videos match your vision. After this, the cut is considered “locked,” meaning there will be no further changes to the timing and structure.

Step 6: Sound Mix and Color Correction

After the cut is locked, it’s time to apply the finishing touches. A professional sound mixer will apply effects and balance the volume of each individual sound element, making certain the dialogue is crisp and clear and sound effects and music are perfectly balanced. Color correction is when we color balance to make your visuals pop on screen and look perfect. At this point, we’ll also add final graphics and any visual effects required for your projects. You’ll approve our final versions, and then it’s time to export.

Step 7: Final Exports

We’ll deliver your finished files in the format required for your project, be it broadcast, online video, preroll, or social media. We’ll use the proper file formats and resolutions, and stay involved until everything goes live. Then, we’ll celebrate a job well done! 

Optional: Testing and Re-Edits

After you release your videos, you may want to test out some new options—new promotions, new messaging, and different lengths and formats. Many of our clients like to continue to develop and edit their content to ensure the best possible performance and engagement.

Ready to start?

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Our Other Services

In addition to video editing services, Indigo Productions can handle all other video production needs. Explore our website for anything you or your company want to produce.  Examples include:

Commercial Re-Edits

If you have an existing commercial and need to update the voiceover, graphics, or cut it for different formats, we can help! Our editors are very knowledgeable in TV and pre-roll commercials, so we can refresh your existing commercial spots, so you can get more value out of your creative.

Event Videos

If you’re hosting a conference or other live event, we can produce, shoot, and edit your event experience, including interviews, keynote speakers, and general visuals. Capturing your events on video is a great way to preserve your content and maximize your investment. We also produce exciting intros and on-screen content to show at your event.

Corporate Video Production

If your company needs to create sales videos, product demos, internal training videos or any other type of corporate video content, we’ll help you create something impactful, memorable, and effective. Indigo productions is truly a one-stop shop for all your video needs.

Ready to get started?

We are! Get in touch with one of Indigo’s video editing services experts to get a quote. We’ll ask you a few questions about your needs and can typically deliver an estimate in 24 hours or less. 

We look forward to working with you on your next video editing project!

Frequently Asked Questions About Video Editing Services

Video editors are skilled experts with years of experience, much like other professionals. However, editing video is typically much less expensive than shooting a new video from scratch, as most of the work happens with a few people on computers.

It depends on the length and complexity of your project. Short social videos can be turned around in days. Short commercial edits can sometimes be done in 24-48 hours. Longer and more involved projects with hours of footage will take longer to catalog and edit.

You can! We prefer to do the first pass on our own, but a live session with the editor can be an important part of the process. 

Based on the amount of content you have, we’ll make a recommendation on the best way to send over your files. It could be a digital delivery over the internet or shipping us a hard drive.

Get in touch! Every project is different so it’s always great to start with a conversation.

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