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Indigo Productions is a Top Video Production Company Filming in New Jersey

Indigo Productions is an industry-leading video production company in New Jersey with 30+ years of experience delivering exceptional work. We are dedicated to creating compelling visual content that meets the goals of our corporate, commercial, and entertainment clients. Indigo Productions is here for all of your New Jersey video needs. Our professional video services cover everything from simple 1-camera shoots to large-scale multi-camera commercial productions

Tell Your Story with Video  

We produce videos that entertain, inform, and connect with millions of people worldwide. We drive business loyalty and persuade your audience to take action by sharing a compelling story with beautiful visuals. We help you:

  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Connect With Your Audience
  • Drive Interaction & Conversion 

NJ Video Production Services  

Indigo Productions offers New Jersey video production, virtual event production, and a full suite of creative services. We produce:

Contact us today at 212-765-5224 to discuss how we can bring your vision to life.   

Industries We Serve in New Jersey  

Indigo Productions helps brands, businesses, individuals, and agencies in New Jersey connect with their audiences. We serve clients across many industries, including entertainment, healthcare, advertising, education, finance, consumer goods, technology, live events, and more. Our team is passionate about exceeding our clients’ expectations. 

Video Production Services in the New Jersey Area 

We are excited to work with you and bring your vision to life. Our in-house team brings passion, professionalism, and creativity to every project. 

Indigo Productions is an industry leader and innovator in New Jersey video services. Our track record of unparalleled client satisfaction sets us apart. We don’t want audiences to sit back and watch. We want them to lean forward and participate. 

Our Process  

Indigo Productions is committed to client satisfaction, meeting deadlines, staying on budget, and delivering results. Our team of in-house writers, directors, producers, camera crews, and video editors draw on their diverse experiences in film, advertising, music, social media, journalism, reality TV, and business to create projects that connect with audiences.

Indigo Productions provides one-stop-shopping for all your New Jersey video production needs. We offer solutions for every stage of the video creation process from conception, to filming, to post-production, to marketing and distribution.

Video Pre-Production Strategy & Creative Planning  

We work closely with our clients during the strategy and planning phase to maximize the campaign’s success. Our pre-filming services cover every step of the planning process, including: 

  • Concept Development
  • Script Writing
  • Casting & Talent Selection
  • New Jersey Video Location Scouting 

Video Production & Filming  

When the lights are shining, and cameras are rolling, our production team brings the project’s creative vision to life. Our New Jersey video production team manages the filming process so that you can leave your nerves at home. Indigo Productions uses the latest camera equipment and high-end video technology to deliver spectacular quality. We offer complete video production, filming, shooting, and directing services for single and multi-camera shoots.

Post-Production & Video Editing  

Indigo Productions’ post-production department is fully adaptable and can deliver excellent quality in any format. Our internationally renowned team includes producers, motion graphic artists, editors, creative directors, VFX supervisors, audio engineers, and sound designers. We excel at the following editing / post-production services:

Distribution & Social Media Video Sharing 

The best videos in the world are worthless unless you have a marketing and social media distribution strategy that effectively gets your video in front of the target audience. Our New Jersey video distribution strategy uses social media sharing, YouTube, online content distribution networks, existing connections, and targeted advertising to increase your video’s quality and quantity of views. 

Indigo Productions’ New Jersey Filming Locations 

Our professional video production and camera crews film throughout New Jersey. We have filmed in Newark, Jersey City, Atlantic City, Trenton, Hoboken, and dozens of other NJ locations. We have also directed shoots remotely during the coronavirus pandemic and continually improve our workflows by adapting to the latest technology.

New Jersey offers a business tax credit to companies that produce video content, commercials, movies, and digital media content within the state. This incentive program provides a unique opportunity to save money on your video production without sacrificing quality. 

Contact us today at 212-765-5224 or send us a message to discuss your New Jersey video needs.   


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