Commercial Video Produced by Indigo Productions for Anker Hits 10 Million Views on YouTube!

(UPDATE 5/9/17) The Anker video went over 14 million views on YouTube!

Anker, the leader in mobile power, asked Indigo Productions to produce a commercial for their newest product – the Quick Charge. We loved the product – it really worked great fast-charging our cell phones – and we gave this our best shot!

After a fun shoot in New York and an intense edit session, we delivered 2 versions of the commercial, which were quickly posted on Anker’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. We were happy to see the video – both in its 60-second and 30-second versions – gather hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube within the first week! The 60-second version has just gone over 10 million views!

We then offered to help with the online distribution to gather even more views. In addition to video production, Indigo Production offers a range of online video distribution services, so we went right to work. We utilized our social media networks to spread the word, contacted our friendly netizens, and utilized our video display tools.

The video kept gaining more and more momentum online, and we are now happy to report that BOTH versions got way over a million YouTube views each!

We also received a lot of great feedback on the video itself, so check it out.  

To learn more about Indigo Productions’ video distribution services, please visit our online video distribution page!

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