Live-Action Shoots

When Benjamin Franklin said “Time is Money,” he was probably referring to a live-action shoot.

Indigo embraces that expression and works tirelessly with our clients to ensure that money isn’t wasted. Our entire production team works together planning and communicating all aspects of a project so when we say “action!” everyone is aware of their role ensuring the best shoot possible.

And hiring Indigo Productions, our live-action camera crews are present through pre-production so they are aware of every aspect of the shoot and are able to coordinate the shoot better, ensuring that you have what you need so there are no surprises in post-production.

But that’s not all. The live-action crew also coordinates and collaborates with the post-production and visual effects teams to ensure that they have all the necessary raw footage to make your creative vision a reality.

Having the entire team involved from the beginning will make your shoot worry-free and cost-effective.

Indigo’s live shoot camera crews are ready for any kind of weather. Both the team and their gear are prepared to shoot, regardless of the environmental condition.

We will work with you to map out the entire shoot. For particularly complex sequences we sometimes use 3D digital animation. Before you step onto the set you will be able to see an animated clip and solve any potential problems in advance, saving valuable time and money before the shoot.

If you are looking for a proficient and experienced camera crew, that is knowledgeable of all aspects of production and ready to shoot your vision quickly and efficiently, then Indigo Productions is the only number you need to call. Let us make your experience an easy one.

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