What are the top video production trends of 2023?

FPV Drone video trend of 2023

Video trends evolve as rapidly as the technology that powers their creation. In this blog we’ll explore the top video production trends of 2023, from AI to multiple delivery formats. But there’s no point chasing trends that don’t make sense for your audience.  To create a video that resonates, it’s important to understand how your video will be viewed, and by whom. So we’ll also discuss how a professional video production company can guide you toward the trends that make sense for your video strategy. 

What are the Top Trending Video Formats?

Internet Celebrities & Influencers

TikTok stars and YouTube personalities are now at the center of national ad campaigns by major brands. Some have even carried Super Bowl spots. Online celebrities, like Mr. Beast, can have over 100 million subscribers and billions of views. With numbers like these, it’s no wonder the world’s top companies are increasingly using influencers as brand ambassadors. 

There are many benefits to hiring an internet celebrity or influencer over a traditional celebrity. They appeal to a younger demographic, have mastered social media promotion, and can be less expensive to hire. 

One thing to consider: the internet is full of drama, and influencers frequently find themselves at the center of controversy. Make sure to properly vet an influencer before hiring them to represent your company.

Sponsored Videos

Many people don’t want to watch advertisements and will go to great lengths to avoid them, including paying fees to remove ad breaks or installing ad blockers. That’s why brands are taking advantage of sponsored videos to ensure their message is delivered to viewers. While entire videos can be sponsored and integrated with a brand, it’s more common for a segment of a video to be dedicated to a sponsor. 

Brands can provide a pre-edited clip to be inserted into the sponsored content, but that will likely cause the viewer to fast forward. Instead, the best option is to provide b-roll and a fact sheet that the content creator can make their own. Be sure to work with a professional production company to supply high-end assets and footage content creators will be proud to include in their videos. 

Sponsored videos don’t just reach a larger audience, they target niche demographics in a way that’s not replicable with solely in-house content. And content creators and influencers personally vouch for your product, lending credibility to your brand and claims.

Short and Looping Videos

YouTube Shorts Announcement

From TikTok to Instagram Stories to YouTube Shorts, every app is looking to become a leader in short-form content. There are many advantages to shorter videos. They require fewer resources to make, are more likely to retain viewer attention, and provide a concise and effective message. Short videos can also be looped to produce a variety of effects. A comedic moment can be instantly replayed, a seamless stitch can make an action seem like it goes on forever, or a banner ad can repeat its message. Beyond social media, short looping videos can also be used as video billboards on public transportation or even on Times Square screens.

Using call-to-actions in short videos is particularly effective. Companies that used Instagram stories embedded with web links to promote their products saw a 73% increase in clickthrough rates versus regular posts.

Video Segments and Chapters

While short videos are finding success, long-form content is still thriving. Without the restrictions of television timeslots, videos can be any length. It’s not uncommon to find videos that are three hours or longer. Thankfully, sites like YouTube and Vimeo have made it easier than ever to indicate video chapters so that viewers can find the moment or topic they are looking for. Simply input the timestamps that comprise a chapter and give each chapter a title. These chapters then automatically show up in the video. 

If you are creating an instructional video, chapter marks are a must. But even if your video doesn’t need chapter marks, adding them is still a good idea. They make the viewing experience more convenient, and the extra effort you put into creating them sends a subliminal message that a similar effort was put toward creating the video. Most major content creators are using chapter marks to segment their videos. You should too.

Authentic Testimonials

Our modern culture is obsessed with the idea of authenticity, regardless of if what we are seeing is actually authentic. That’s why reality television and social media influencers are so popular. 

Companies understand this desire for authenticity and are featuring real customers and employees in their ads. Whether showing couples who found love on match.com or Amazon employees whose jobs allowed them to escape poverty, brands are hoping the personal touch will further endear them to their customers.  

A documentary approach is especially well-suited for this style of video. In the edit, it’s essential to feature unscripted human moments in addition to hitting your brand messages. And remember, don’t force it. Find someone who naturally exudes passion for your brand and build the ad around their story.

What are the Top Trends in Video Production Technology?

Artificial Intelligence

News about advancements in AI is omnipresent. Whether AI-generated art or ChatGPT, AI is revolutionizing how we leverage technology to aid our creativity. AI has become increasingly relevant in the video world. From experimental AI-generated animations to AI-enhanced tools which streamline the editing workflow, AI is already making a huge impact on video production. 

For example, Indigo has partnered with Synthesia to create videos featuring custom AI avatars that can perform any script. To learn more about advancements in AI video, check out this detailed blog.

Drone Videography

Drone technology is advancing swiftly. New drones have better cameras, can fly further on a single charge, and have increased environmental awareness to prevent crashes. First Person View drones, also known as FPV drones, have gained popularity. These smaller drones are operated by wearing a headset and using motion controls to guide the drone. Far more complex movements are possible with this setup. 

As drone use has expanded, so have regulations. The FAA requires flight training certification and drone registration for larger drones, some airspaces prohibit drone use, and local laws differ on a city-by-city basis. Be sure to reach out to a company with drone videography experience and expertise so that your drone shoot is a success both creatively and legally. 

But there’s no better way to convey a sense of scale than with a drone shot. Drones make aerial cinematography accessible and affordable, eliminating the need for expensive helicopter shots. Well-executed drone videography increases the perceived production value of your video, and provides valuable context to your viewers.

Live Streams

The popularity of live streams has soared as internet speeds have become more reliable and streaming sites have added interactive elements such as polls, live chats, and featured viewer comments. In fact, Indigo’s research has found that 30% of internet users watch at least one live stream each week. Live streams are perfect for virtual events, breaking news, and fan outreach. They provide authenticity and methods of engagement not present in edited videos.

Sophisticated live streaming can be complex: Multiple video and audio feeds need to be hooked up, synchronized, and switched between in real-time. Rehearsals and tech checks are important since you only have one chance to get it right. And you need to carefully consider what platform best fits your live streaming needs. At Indigo, we’ve created hundreds of live streams and virtual events. For a deep dive on virtual events and how to create the best live stream, please see our recent blog on the subject.

What are the Top Trends in Post-Production and Distribution?

Captions and Subtitles

Captions are much more than an accessibility option, they are a powerful tool that allows your video to reach even larger audiences. In 2023, captions have never been more important, prevalent, or simpler to implement. 

You can’t control the conditions under which your video is viewed. Many people surf the web with their audio muted or watch on devices with bad speakers. Captions ensure that no matter the device or volume, the words and message of your video are communicated. Even someone scrolling through their social media feed with the volume muted might see a word that grabs their attention and watch the video. And people won’t miss your video just because they’re in an environment where they can’t make noise. 

Captions also enable your videos to cross language barriers. Rather than creating a new video from scratch, or dubbing existing videos, you can provide captions for each relevant language. Captions are a cheaper and less labor-intensive way to reach a global audience. 

AI-powered auto-transcription and captioning features have become incredibly accurate and readily available. For example, you can transcribe and caption a video from within Premiere Pro in just seconds. Translation programs have become advanced as well, but you’re better off sticking with a translator who knows both languages and can guarantee the accuracy of their work. 

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Targeting marketing strategies are a 2023 video production trend

With millions of hours of video uploaded each day and competing for views, it’s more challenging than ever for your videos to organically find success. The algorithms used to direct viewers to your videos are also frequently updated. Instead of relying on their changing whims, brands and content creators are taking control of their videos’ fates by using targeted marketing campaigns and SEO optimization to set their videos up for success. From customizing thumbnails to paid promotions, there are numerous marketing strategies that will give your video a boost. To learn more about video marketing in 2023, check out this blog.

A/B Testing

Given all the factors at play in video marketing, many companies are choosing to A/B test their videos. A/B testing means creating two different versions of something to see which performs better. In video, this may mean testing different jokes, runtimes, slogans, motion graphic designs, narrators, and tones. While it’s more expensive and time-consuming to create multiple versions of a video for testing purposes, getting the video right pays big dividends. At Indigo, we’ve A/B tested national ads and received incredibly helpful feedback that enabled our campaign’s success.

Multiple Deliverable Formats

People consume videos across a variety of devices, on different apps and websites each with their own video formats and requirements. To give viewers the best experience regardless of how they choose to watch, it’s become common for multiple deliverables to be released at the same time. They might differ in their aspect ratio (vertical or horizontal), length, framing, codec, resolution, call-to-action, or captioning. Descriptions, tagging, and hashtags can be individualized depending on the platform. 

It’s important to quality-control each deliverable, and to carefully consider if a change takes away from your video’s intended message and impact. While you might consider one version of your video to be definitive, a viewer only knows the version they see, so put your best foot forward on every platform. And take advantage of each platform’s unique features. For example, on Instagram a vertical video will fill a larger portion of the screen than a horizontal video. Forward-thinking production companies are simultaneously filming ads vertically AND horizontally so they get the perfect framing for multiple formats in-camera, and don’t need to crop or punch in during post-production.

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