What to Look for in a Video Partner

Finding the right business partner isn’t easy. You can look at a company’s client list, portfolio, pricing, and more, and still end up with a tough-to-manage relationship that’s more trouble than it’s worth. So how can you make sure your video partner is actually going to be worth partnering with?

There’s one fundamental rule that should apply to every business decision: Check the opinions and experiences of people who have already gone down that route. Online reviews are a great way to find video production companies that serve up great results with great client relationships along the way.

What should you look for in these reviews?

Success stories mean more when they come directly from the client. When a client is a source, you’re not only finding that the service provider can deliver, but that they can deliver in an area that actually matters to their partner. As an example of a review:

“Indigo Productions has created our most-viewed content on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. A few external content providers have requested to put those videos on their content channels.” 


Every project is easier when you communicate. To get the most out of your engagement, look for clients who are happy with communication around budgets, timelines, and feedback.

“There are only positive things to be said about Indigo Productions. We had regular communication to ensure budgets, timelines, scope, and updates were adhered to. They were on top of everything within the project and made sure there was the utmost level of clarity for all aspects.” 

Something extra:

Passion, industry understanding, and long-term relationships are all good signs that this could be the partner for you.

“Indigo handled this entire project from beginning to end. The team that they provided has filmed over 100 productions at the Metropolitan Opera, Lincoln Center, and other similar venues so I knew I was in great hands!”

Indigo Productions has proof from our clients of our success in all three of these areas on Clutch. As a ratings and reviews firm, Clutch (alongside sister sites The Manifest and Visual Objects) reviews thousands of video production companies to name the top providers in their research.

And we’re proud to be at the top of the list!

Indigo Productions is a full-service video production, content creation, and social media company with its headquarters in New York City. To learn more about our services, or discuss how Indigo Productions can help with your video needs, please call us at (212) 765-5224 or visit our contact page.


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