Video Production Trends in 2019 – Predictions, Reality, and Further Expectations

In January 2019 many video production professionals and blog sites – including ProductionHub and ShutterStock – were filled with predictions about new trends in video production in 2019.

Now that the first half of the year is behind us, let’s look at what actually happened in video production, and what other trends are likely to develop in the third and fourth quarters:

Live streaming on social media.  Services such as Facebook Live have gained massive popularity, and not only among millennials.  An important development was the introduction of Facebook Stories Ads in September 2018.

Huge increase in video production for mobile users.  Video is expected to account for 80% of all internet traffic in 2019, and a vast increase in videos made for smartphones is 100% guaranteed long-term. Google’s recent full-on release of mobile-first indexing will likely add steam to this trend.

4K quality videos. 4K has been ‘about to explode’ for years, but it has not yet happened on a large scale due to slow load time. Of course, some 4K content is being generated, but it has not noticeably increased or decreased.

360° videos. When Google My Business added an option to upload 360° videos, a lot of online marketers expected a huge rise in 360° video production, but audiences weren’t interested. In fact, interest has dropped further, as demonstrated by the data from Google Trends:
360 Videos Data From Google Trends
Videos that deliver their message without audio.  Since Facebook turned off sound for auto-played videos for social media, marketers and content creators have found many clever ways to make videos work with no sound.  Moving typography and subtitles are the two most common devices.

Virtual Reality videos.  YouTube created a special channel for VR videos 


However, they haven’t exactly erupted in popularity yet. We’re keeping an open mind. Check back next year.

Changes in aspect ratio. Many more videos are being delivered in vertical and square (1:1) screen ratio, which many people find preferable on mobile devices.

In-house video production departments. When it comes to corporate video production, companies regularly try to bring the video in house, but then they discover that they need to hire professionals to produce high-end corporate videos. This cycle is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

Drone footage. Cheaper and more popular drones have influenced video production and filmmaking forever, allowing for amazing aerial shots at a fraction of the cost of helicopter shots.  However, some cities (like NYC) have heavy restrictions on drone use and drone use requires a special license.

Experiential marketing videos. Also known as “engagement marketing” videos, there have been some very cool campaigns created in this space. But after an initial rise in popularity, interest seems to have dipped.

Increase in spending on sponsored videos.  This has proven true across multiple platforms including YouTube and Facebook. Spending on influencer marketing has been on the rise as well.

Novel types of news video production. News video remixing – creating videos that incorporate news footage from multiple sources – has been a trend in both professional video production and user-generated content.

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