Multi-camera broadcast-quality 4K video production of the opera “La Traviata”

I love music.  I listen to music constantly.  And there’s nothing I enjoy more than working on a high-quality video project that involves music.  We recently completed a multi-camera broadcast-quality 4K video production of Verdi’s classic opera “La Traviata,” starring soprano Sarah Moulton-Faux in the lead role of Violetta. It was a pleasure to work on from beginning to end!

Our talented crew has filmed dozens of live concert performances at the Metropolitan Opera, at Lincoln Center, and at many other prestigious venues.  The key to getting the best coverage of a live concert performance, when you don’t have a chance to get a second take, is in the pre-production phase. During the first week of planning our director and the audio engineer did a full technical scout of the theater, running tests and blocking shots during multiple rehearsals, and working in close collaboration with the theater’s production team at the Regina Opera Company.

Because of this careful pre-production, everything went flawlessly during the actual performances.  We got breathtaking shots of the opera from multiple angles, and our sound engineer captured the sheer beauty of the performances. Our editors then delivered several cuts: One of the full opera, one highlighting Ms. Moulton-Faux’s gorgeous arias, and one featuring various other performances.

Take a look at Sarah Moulton-Faux’s aria highlights and let us know what you think!

Want to learn more about shooting a live production?  Check out our video production services page.  Want to know more about editing?  Check out our video editing page.   You can get in touch with us through our contact page or call us with any questions at (212) 765-5224

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