Mastering the Art of Conducting Video Interviews

Experienced interviewer for professional production company asks questions to client

In the world of video production, on-screen interviews are a powerful tool to captivate audiences and convey powerful narratives. Whether filming an interview with a CEO from a Fortune 500 company or a patient with a life-changing medical story, mastering the techniques of interviewing is essential for fostering an engaging and authentic on-screen presence about any subject matter.

In this blog post, we delve into the nuances of interviewing, providing actionable tips to enhance your interviewing skills and create genuine content that will deeply connect with your audience.

The Key to Insightful Questions

The first step in conducting a meaningful and effective interview is preparation. We start by speaking with the interviewee about what is most important to them, and discuss their background and perspectives on the topics they will cover. Armed with this knowledge, we can craft questions that not only go beyond the surface, but are also tailored to each individual and their role.

It’s essential to develop questions that invite detailed responses rather than simple yes or no answers. Open-ended questions encourage interviewees to share their thoughts, experiences, and emotions. This approach adds depth to the interview, allowing viewers to connect more intimately with the subject.

Thoughtful and well-informed questions elicit more genuine responses leading to more compelling video content.

Creating a Relaxed Environment

Selecting the right location for an interview is crucial because the physical setting can significantly impact the comfort level of an interviewee. It’s important to create a relaxed environment that puts the subject at ease so that they can deliver focused and powerful commentary.

Whenever considering a location, we carefully choose a quiet, large and comfortable space free of foot traffic or disruptions. We also ensure our equipment setup is unobtrusive to the interviewee and to everyone else present on site. A relaxed environment fosters a natural conversation, enhancing the authenticity of the on-screen interaction.

Building a Foundation of Trust

Building a connection with interview subjects is the cornerstone of any successful on-screen interview. Before the cameras start rolling, we invest time in establishing a rapport with our interviewees by creating a welcoming atmosphere. 

It could be as simple as engaging in casual conversation, before the formal interview starts to help the interviewee relax and open up. This establishes trust and sets the tone for a genuine connection. 

A comfortable subject is more likely to open up during the interview and deliver a better performance, leading to more authentic and compelling moments.

Active Listening and Flexibility in Conversation Flow

A skilled interviewer is an active listener. We pay attention to verbal cues, nuances in tone, and pauses in speech. It is important to respond thoughtfully to what an interviewee shares, demonstrating genuine interest in their narrative. 

While a set of prepared questions is essential, we are always ready to adapt. Building an authentic connection goes beyond the mere exchange of questions and answers; it involves actively listening, understanding, and responding thoughtfully, creating a rapport that transcends the interview setting. 

While it’s important to stay on target for all talking points needed to create an effective video, we embrace the natural flow of conversation and allow unplanned moments to unfold organically.

Fostering an Emotional Connection

Emotional connection made during film interview

To create a truly engaging on-screen presence, we aim to evoke a range of emotions from our interviewees. We encourage them to share personal anecdotes, challenges overcome, or moments of triumph for themselves or the companies they represent.

Emotional storytelling captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impact. These authentic moments of introspection or vulnerability resonate with audiences, forging a deeper connection between the viewer and the subject.

Body Language Awareness

Conducting a video conversation interview

Beyond words, our gestures, expressions, and posture transmit a wealth of information.

Body language serves as a silent yet powerful communicator, conveying nuances and emotions that words alone may not capture.

As perceptive interviewers, we can decipher confidence, sincerity, and even apprehension through these subtle cues. Establishing a connection and fostering open communication hinges on the ability to read and respond to these non-verbal signals in an appropriate manner.

It’s essential to maintain positive body language and convey warmth through eye contact. This will help put the interviewee at ease, fostering a more authentic interaction.

Preserving Authenticity in Post-Production

Video Edit of Interview

Finally, during the editing process, our commitment is to highlight the absolute best of the interview. Our goal is to carefully choose comments and moments that bring out their authentic essence and hit home the messaging they wish to get across.

While polishing the final product, we ensure that genuine, impactful moments are retained. We avoid over-editing, which can diminish the natural flow of the conversation and feel choppy.

By maintaining a thoughtful and measured approach to editing, we ensure that the audience receives a fine-tuned, yet real representation of the interviewee’s insights that shine through seamlessly.

The ultimate goal is to create on-screen moments that not only inform but also inspire and resonate with your audience.

The Art of Interviewing – A Delicate Balance

In conclusion, the art of interviewing is a continuously refined process, requiring a delicate balance of preparation, active listening, and adaptability.

By focusing on building trust, establishing a genuine connection, conducting thorough research, and embracing the fluidity of conversation, one can not only refine the art of interviewing but also create an enriching experience for both the interviewer and the interviewee.

Our diversified approach transforms the interview process from a mere exchange of information into a meaningful and impactful dialogue that captivates and enlightens through video.

To make our approach your own, contact us here or call us at 212-765-5224.

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