Inspire your audience: The power of video during COVID

Staying connected with your customers and team during the crisis is critical.  A compelling video or interactive live stream is a great way to do this, especially when people are feeling alone and their attention is fragmented.

Here are four ways we can help you harness the power of video while working remotely:

1) Create an inspiring video using stock footage, existing assets, voiceover, and graphics. Here’s our favorite COVID-era example:

2) We’ll help you use best practices to self-record video messages featuring your leadership or staff: Company updates, messages of support, messages of thanks, and more.  Then our video editing department will make them look great.

3) With over 10 years of experience in live streaming, we can produce a seamless live interactive digital event so you can broadcast your message to customers, or to your larger team.  We’ll professionally switch and stream it, avoiding all the problems and quality issues in Zoom and similar platforms. Our live stream clients include the US Department of State, Fordham University, the United Nations FCU, and many other prestigious organizations.

4) We can create animated explainer videos showing off your product, digital platform, staff interface, or app. Here’s a cool one we did for Deutsche Bank.

Please enter password Deutsche123 to view it:

Whatever your message is, we’ll help you craft the best video and the best strategy for your communication needs.

Reach out to Indigo Productions today via our Contact Page, email info@indigoprod.com, or call  212-765-5224

Thanks, we hope to talk to you soon!
Clementine Quinn
Production Manager

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