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An essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic!

Indigo Productions has been providing expert live streaming video service and live digital events for more than 10 years, making us the perfect partner for essential communications during the coronavirus pandemic.

Our clients include the US Department of State, the United Nations FCU, Viacom, Ogilvy, Fordham University, the Palace Hotel, and dozens of other world-class organizations.

We can patch in your presenters from anywhere in the world, live-switch the feeds, and broadcast a polished presentation (including graphics and roll-in videos) on any platform, to any device, to any size audience, anywhere in the world.

Whether you’re putting on a corporate event, a virtual town hall meeting, a virtual graduation, or a “mission critical” confidential conference, we’ll handle your project seamlessly and securely.

Our experienced and professional team will handle on-site troubleshooting, high-security encryptions, industry standard streaming formats, video and audio monitoring, on-demand streaming video links, and everything else needed for a flawless user experience.

After the event we’ll host an on-demand web streaming file so audience members who missed the live stream can watch it later.

If you like we can also edit a meeting highlights sizzle reel, and any other videos you might need in the future.

Do you need an event live streamed over the Internet? Do you need highly experienced professionals who guarantee a smooth webcast experience? Let us handle your next event.

Just call us at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.


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