How to Create an App Launch Video that Actually Works.

Last month we delivered a mobile product launch video that addresses the key challenges most companies face when launching a new app. The video started generating sales from day one and has been a resounding success by every measure.

“We opened our presentation by showing the video.  The entire crowd of 600 people, including executives from Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and Salesforce, burst into applause! They clapped and whistled, they loved it. We were an instant hit!
– Health Endeavors CEO Kris Gates

Below is an overview of how we approached the project, and how we dealt with the common problems that all developers face. We hope you find this helpful for your next app launch video initiative.

First, take a look at the video:

A few months ago Kris Gates, CEO of Health Endeavors, asked us to create a video to launch GetYourHealthRecord.com, a new app designed to simplify the agonizing process of organizing personal health care records.

When I tried the app myself I was deeply impressed. My mom sees several doctors, and it’s almost impossible to keep track of all her medical records, so I could see that the product solved a critical problem.

I was also excited because Kris promised us complete creative freedom on the spot. Many videos get derailed because clients get too attached to their own creative ideas, losing sight of what is actually going to produce results.

Here are 8 key creative decisions we made that contributed to the success of the spot, and the entire launch:

1) We eliminated any concepts that relied on narration or testimonials because users of social media videos strongly prefer to watch videos without audio.

2) We cut the client’s original 600-word draft script down to just 95 words. We kept it short and simple, focusing ONLY on the app’s key features. It’s a big mistake to try to cover everything an app does in a launch video. If you can’t capture your audience’s attention in 3 seconds, or if you bore them with details, you lose them.

3) In the spirit of the adage “show, don’t tell,” we chose a cast with maximum diversity in age, ethnicity, and gender to make the point that the app is for EVERYONE – without having to say it.

4) We also chose our cast based on their winning smiles and overall appeal, knowing that this would translate into a better video. We made sure the cast had lots of fun on set and allowed them to express their personalities by improvising with their own sports equipment, like boxing gloves.

5) We shot for a full day on a high-end RED camera with Zeiss prime lenses in 5K HD resolution. DON’T let anyone talk you into using a cheap camera or an iPhone for an important product launch video! QUALITY MATTERS. Once video production was complete we had several hours of gorgeous footage to choose from.

6) During post-production we spent many days designing the overall look of the spot, and many more days refining and improving the titles. We created audience engagement and excitement by giving them JUST ENOUGH time to read every title, and we used a variety of transitions to keep everything fresh and interesting.

7) We listened to hundreds of music tracks in different styles until we found a fun, catchy, contemporary piece with exactly the upbeat energy we were looking for. It’s always important to entertain the audience in addition to informing them.

8) We knew that our client might want to show the video at meetings on big screens with big speaker systems, so we added a very sophisticated sound design – all the pings, dings, whooshes, and other fun sounds that bring the whole spot to life.

The client was thrilled when they saw the finished video, and told us that it started generating sales within hours of putting it online.

But here’s the best part of the story:

Three weeks later, Health Endeavors was invited to make a 7-minute presentation at the prestigious Blue Button 2.0 Developer Conference at the White House, presided over by Seema Verma. The 600-member audience was jam-packed with executives from every top tech company, all gathered to talk about how to improve health care.

Here’s how CEO Kris Gates describes what happened:

“We opened our presentation by showing the video.  The entire crowd of 600 people, including executives from Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and Salesforce, burst into applause! They clapped and whistled, they loved it. We were an instant hit! We demonstrated in 60 seconds that we met the highest vision of the conference: Our app gives every patient the ability to organize all of their records in one place, and share those records safely with their health care providers and families. Indigo Productions knocked it out of the park for us. They exceeded our expectations throughout the entire process. This video is the best thing we ever did, and it directly contributed to the overwhelming success of our entire launch.”

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to contribute to your success, Kris!  We look forward to creating a follow-up spot for you next month.

Do you have a great app or product or service that needs a great video? Give us a call at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.

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