Facebook Live Video Production – Video Streaming for Studio Libeskind

Indigo Productions just completed an extremely cool live video streaming project, working with agency BBDO and our client Current Studios.  On Thursday 04/21/2017 at 1:30 P.M. we produced a three-camera Facebook Live stream featuring an interview with superstar architect Daniel Libeskind. Viewers were treated to a tour of  Studio Libeskind as well as a conversation between founder Daniel Libeskind, principal architect Yama Karim, and host Mac Premo. Daniel and Yama also took questions from the Facebook Live audience and talked about using the HP Z2 Mini workstation for their design work.

The Facebook Live stream took just under 35 minutes and was a huge success, reaching a live audience of 21,000 viewers worldwide with over 31,000 unique views recorded within the first 24 hours of the live video streaming event.

If you’ve missed the live streaming event, you can still watch it here on Facebook:

Facebook Live Tour: Behind the Scenes with Studio Libeskind

Take a tour of Studio Libeskind with founder Daniel Libeskind, principal architect Yama Karim and host Mac Premo. The firm has been using the HP Z2 Mini workstation to work on the Silk Towers. Learn more about the HP Z2 Mini: http://arc.ht/2oc0A2BGot any questions for Studio Libeskind? Type them out in the comments below, and the architects will answer them in this Facebook Live Q&A.

Posted by Architizer on Thursday, April 20, 2017

Indigo Productions offers live video streaming services for use in broadcasting your event in real-time to any device, any size audience, anywhere in the world, and in HD. To learn more, please visit the live video streaming services page on the Indigo Productions website.

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