'A Plastic Ocean' Documentary by Craig Leeson Premieres at the United Nations

The Indigo Productions team was honored to be guests of our great friend and colleague Craig Leeson at the United Nations for a special screening of a new 22-minute version of A Plastic Ocean, a powerful full-length documentary about the urgent need to protect the world’s oceans from plastic pollution.

Director Craig Leeson and his team created this award-winning documentary, shot in 20 countries, that reveals the very scary truth about how vast quantities of plastic garbage is being dumped into our oceans, where it breaks up, gets eaten by marine life, and eventually enters the human food chain with devastating impact.

Fortunately, A Plastic Ocean provides plenty of solutions too, including many simple and practical ways in which we can all help stop the plastic madness.

After the UN screening, the 600-member audience was treated to a panel discussion with the filmmakers and superstar ocean scientists including Dr. Cristina Fossi and Dr. Bonnie Monteleone.

Watch the trailer below and share the Plastic Oceans website which contains details on how to take action from hosting a screening to joining Plastic Oceans Global Movement, to making a financial donation.

A Plastic Ocean, now streaming on Netflix, is essential viewing.  Iconic naturalist Sir David Attenborough has called it “the most important film of our time.”  You owe it to yourself – and our planet – to check it out.

Director Craig Leeson is based in Hong Kong. He is responsible for making some of Asia’s most iconic documentaries as well as producing and directing hundreds of great commercials and corporate films. Anyone looking for a collaborator in Asia would be fortunate to work with Craig. You can contact him at www.leesonmedia.com

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