Why Social Media Video Marketing Is Crucial for Businesses

A recent Forbes article says that 80 percent of content marketing will be video by 2019 and that brands need to evolve with the times or risk dying out. It’s understandable that businesses are afraid of embracing social media video as one of their primary tools for marketing. The fears and worries businesses have about investing the time, resources, and energy to create content that may result in zero return simply scares people away. Thus, it’s important that you select the right video production company to ensure that your company’s specific needs are met.

Let’s talk about the basics first.

Why is social media video marketing important for brands today?

In the past, all video came down a one-way street; only two decades ago, audiences were limited to watching a handful of channels on television. Today, the new kid on the block is social media, and it’s here to stay. Social media is a two-way communication platform that demands engagement–allowing businesses to interact with their leads, prospects, and consumers in a way that’s more authentic. Furthermore, social videos can do what others cannot; it creates an instant pathway of connectivity with viewers, who can communicate with the content directly in real-time.

Check out how you can instantly relate and connect with our Instagram-friendly social video!

Saucony: RYW Takeover

Another important reason to utilize social media video is the simple fact that it’s less expensive and produces more valuable returns. The problem now is that it has become more expensive and restrictive to run advertisements as well, says Michael Richeson, Director of Content & Social Strategy at Indigo Productions. Richeson continues to say that when businesses have a strategy to perpetually run advertisements, it basically equates to buying attention every time they want to talk to an audience. What these businesses don’t understand is that advertisement costs increase but profit margins decrease.

Our best advice is to embrace, understand, and strategize social media videos.

Understand which platforms are right for your brand.

Before you decide the “home” of your video, do a bit of research to understand the differences between the dominant social media outlets. For instance, the differences between Facebook and YouTube, as platforms for video marketing, are monumental. No matter what your video is about, the placement of your video is just as essential as the story.


  • Large user base
  • Incredible advertisement platform
  • Easier to traffic customers on to your website
  • “Window shoppers”

Take a peek at our Facebook-friendly video below which showcases our above points!

Anker Quick Charge


  • The longer shelf life of attention
  • Longer video formats
  • People watch with a goal to understand something

Check out our YouTube-friendly video created to accommodate this platform.

Living With High Blood Pressure

Social media video must-haves

There are too many businesses that aren’t strategizing wisely in their video marketing plan. According to Richeson, businesses and production companies can follow the Three-M’s: Mission, Message, and Machine to fine-tune any social media video.

Mission: Ask yourself what’re you trying to accomplish with this video? Make your mission crystal clear and reasonable. Understand who your audience is and how to speak to them.

Message: Make your message relevant to your targeted audience and know who cares about your service and who does not.

Machine: Build a strategy into your marketing plan that involves influencers, retargeting, and devising a new distribution strategy.

We believe, what you should be asking yourself is: what am I waiting for? If your company knows its mission and message, then let a video production company be your machine to communicate with your potential clients for you. Two of the most valuable resources a video production company can offer your business are: (1) a powerful piece of video content: and (2) a well-catered strategy to guide your content distribution methods. The best way to waste money is just making content, publishing it online, and crossing your fingers–hoping that everything works out.

Update (07.05.2023):Social Media Algorithms and Favorable Treatment of Videos

Social media platforms are constantly evolving and updating their algorithms to enhance user experience. In recent years, these algorithms have started favoring video content, giving it more significant organic reach compared to other forms of content. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram prioritize videos in users’ feeds, ensuring they have a higher chance of being seen. By leveraging these algorithms and consistently producing high-quality video content, businesses can maximize their visibility, stay relevant, and maintain a competitive edge.

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