Indigo’s custom webcasting platform enables you to take advantage of video streaming technology while enhancing your brand’s identity and the sense of family vital to its success and growth, regardless of its size or breadth of its workers throughout the world.

We help shape your presentation with your company’s logo and colors incorporated into the design. Our award-winning creative team suggests visual and audio aids, graphic elements, and special effects, all of which can be customized to reflect the culture of your company.

We’ll advise you on strategies to further humanize your webcasting experience in order to engage your audience and make them feel that they are part of a global family, not just another cog in a corporate wheel. They’ll be more attentive and responsive, with your message indelibly etched onto their minds.

Indigo Productions webcasting features include:

  • Interactivity, which enables audience feedback, information sharing, and annotation
  • Virtually unlimited attendees
  • Separate host and attendee view so you can better manage your meeting
  • Alerts when new members come online
  • Question and answer participation
  • Audience polling
  • Multi-lingual applications, which allow you to conduct your webcast in any language
  • Real-time recording for future playback
  • Secure encryption to ensure safety and privacy
  • Compatibility with Windows, MAC, Linux, Solaris, and others

Indigo not only provides flawless performance and state-of-the-art technology, we offer viewer assistance and user analytics to accurately gauge your webcasting’s effectiveness in reaching audiences and measure how well your message has been spread.

Our technical staff is on-hand to guarantee worry-free execution, ensuring a strong connection, seamless integration of audio and video elements, and circumnavigation of any internet hiccups that might occur. Real-time technical support saves time and money while bettering your webcasting results. Most important, the vagaries and nightmares of the online presentation experience disappear, optimizing your performance!

Ready to enjoy the advantages of webcasting without worry? Want to reach all corners of the world instantly? Let Indigo show you the way.

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2BK3C5P 01 May 2020, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hohr-Grenzhausen: Tennis: Technicians broadcast an unofficial tournament Although the event is not an official event of the ATP Tour, it is at least a first small step back to normal tennis. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the worldwide tour is currently suspended until 13 July. Photo: Thomas Frey/dpa

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