Video Services – How to Choose the Best Video Production Company

So you want to make a great corporate video?

Choosing a great video production company is the key to success.

Start with trust – knowing that your producer is capable of creating a corporate video that exceeds your expectations, and has done so for client after client. You want a producer who can answer all your questions… and who knows the right questions to ask you. You want a producer who can guide you through the entire video production, from developing the initial concept, all the way to your final presentation.

Here are some key tips to help you in your search!

Don’t assume your kid, or the intern or a wedding videographer knows how to create a powerful corporate video or web commercial.

If you don’t get it right while shooting, it will be a costly waste of time and money to try to fix it in post. Most likely, you’ll have to start from scratch. Or, at best, settle for less than what you really need for your sales video or training film. And if you’re not satisfied with that video, do you really think that it can motivate your workforce, create brand awareness, or bring in clients?

Don’t assume the lowest price means a good value.

These days, anyone with $1000 can buy a video camera and call himself a video producer. This doesn’t mean they know how to tell a good story and captivate your audience. Chances are they lack creative, technical, logistical, and marketing know-how, and have little or no experience collaborating with successful companies like yours.

Get real about the reel.

A video production company’s body of work represents experience – an experience that assures that you will get the video you want. And watching the producer’s work may inspire ideas for what you want to accomplish in your video. A video production company’s website should offer plenty of samples of their work. An experienced producer can also show you other videos and provide client references.

Get real about the deal.

It’s a good idea to have a ballpark budget in mind when you talk to a video production company. A seasoned producer can give you a realistic sense of what you can accomplish within your budget. But, if you are still unsure, a good producer can ask good questions and help you determine how to spend your money most effectively to get the best possible corporate video. 

Remember, successful promotional videos depend on good communication between the client and the producer. The only surprises you want are happy ones!

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