YT Friendship ft. Christopher Walken

The iconic Christopher Walken takes center stage in a commercial for the new Jeffsy Bike, a collaboration between Indigo Productions and British-based Velvet Films.

Director Phil Hawkins described that helming the spot, filmed in a mansion in Connecticut, was akin to directing a feature.  “Everything about the way we shot, lit, edited, mixed, graded would be exactly what I would do for the big screen instead of compromising for online or mobile devices. People watch YouTube on their phones and on 8K TV screens at home so it’s needed to work for all.  It was a brave piece of creative for our client… although they probably don’t see it as brave but not many brands in my experience would have spent this kind of money on a three-minute monologue, bring onboard an Oscar winner and only feature their product for a tiny section of it!”

Indigo’s Max Rosen said that it was “a total thrill to work on set with a cinematic legend like Walken.”  Director Hawkins added, ” He has an amazing presence on screen.  As soon as you lens him up you can see why he’s a movie star. And he’s so flippin’ cool.”

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