UNice Hair: Be Yourself

Indigo Productions created a series of high-end lifestyle commercials for four of UNice’s most popular hair products.  The series was a hit with customers, resulting in a dramatic spike in sales.  As their director of marketing wrote to us:

“Indigo Productions did an awesome creating our new commercials – thank you so much! Your team went above and beyond what we expected, delivering an elegant and exciting spot with extremely high production values. Right from the start you were engaging and passionate, diving in with dedication and creativity. The team is a truly talented group – from the screenwriter to the cameramen to the makeup artist to the editors. The unique vision you provided captured the essence of our brand perfectly, and the models you selected brought everything to life. Everyone was so patient and willing to do whatever it took to deliver exactly what we wanted and more. I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. I highly recommend Indigo Productions to anyone who is looking for a high-quality, creative, and responsive company. We look forward to many more successful collaborations.  Thank you, Indigo!” 

Director of Marketing

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