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Indigo produces compelling recruitment videos for some of the most important organizations in the world.

Making a successful recruitment video requires a combination of distinct disciplines: persuasive storytelling, editing, visual creativity, and music.

The key is understanding how to best translate a client’s corporate culture and work environment into a cohesive and persuasive story. A story that gets prospective hires excited about the possibilities – and opportunities – that the company offers.

Take a look below at this innovative recruitment video we made for Dean & DeLuca, featuring their Team App which allows employees to change shifts, communicate with management, and customize their work experiences through their phones.

Talent Recruitment remains one of the most challenging and important aspects of all businesses, large and small. Now more than ever, companies are including recruiting videos in the mix of communications for finding qualified job seekers.

A well-produced recruitment video can offer ten times the impact of traditional recruitment marketing tactics. Making a great recruitment video is the key to ensuring success – and doing this requires a very specific set of skills.

Indigo weaves stories that immerse the viewer into a narrative about their role and future opportunities within the framework of the client’s unique culture and history.

Today’s new hires are a new breed of consumer, raised and weaned on digital and video messages. Knowing how to leverage this platform effectively for the modern job seeker is critical in ensuring that your offerings are making the right impact and in the right language.

Indigo’s world-class team of writers, producers, and marketers understand how new recruits consume and share information – and how video can be best crafted to drive home your corporate message.

A well-crafted recruitment video should:

  • Clearly define the culture, mission, purpose, and goals of the company
  • Allow viewers to see themselves in that culture and environment
  • Elicit the range of possibilities and opportunities that this culture can provide
  • Leverage the rich assets of the company—its products, innovations, achievements, history, people, facilities, and opportunities for growth and reward
  • Tell a real and compelling story
  • Persuade viewers to think of the company as a place that they want to work—and be a part of
  • Increase the number of potential recruits

Indigo’s people also have real-world experience, many having worked for large corporations across multiple verticals. We bring solid experience to recruitment endeavors ensuring that each initiative uniquely conveys the appropriate tone and message. Indigo has developed recruitment videos for major corporations and business categories:

  • Financial Services
  • Technology
  • Fashion / Beauty / Apparel
  • Non-Profits / Foundations
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Pharmaceutical / Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Food & Beverage
  • Creative Services

Do you need a video that attracts qualified job seekers to consider working at your company? Let Indigo provide the solution.

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