Location Scouting

Indigo’s location scouts collaborate closely with our producers, directors, and production designers to balance the ideal aesthetic choices for each location, with real-world production logistics.

We believe a video’s physical location on-screen influences a viewer’s reaction to the production in a multitude of ways, some subtle, others not so subtle. That’s why we work closely with the client to determine the perfect location for each scene, be it a real location or a set we create for a studio shoot.

Armed with extensive location databases and years of production experience, our location scouts seek sites that are practical for accessibility, electricity, noise levels, and other criteria. They present the client with photos, videos, and other pertinent information for the best selections.

Once locations are chosen, location scouts negotiate fees and acquire certificates of insurance. They consult with film commissions and navigate the sometimes-Kafkaesque world of obtaining police permits, re-routing traffic, commandeering parking, and managing neighbors.

Both locations and studios offer advantages, and the veteran staff at Indigo advises on which is best for each scene. As with actual locations, studio facilities vary. We know which studios provide green screens and which have a two-wall hard-corner infinity cyc.

We know where to get enough square footage to shoot a college marching band. We can get camera-ready kitchens for your cooking show. Or book a fully outfitted hospital operating room for your commercial. Need a lot of dressing rooms? How about on-site teleport, fiber, and streaming capabilities?

In addition to our array of video production services, we also offer full location scouting services including:

  • Photographing locations for approval
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Acquiring location insurance
  • Complying with local laws
  • Securing nearby parking
  • Obtaining filming permits
  • Preparing precise directions and maps
  • Meeting with local businesses and neighbors

Do you want the best possible location for your shoot, without all the hassles? Let Indigo Productions handle all of your location scouting.

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