Kellogg's Skippervention

Indigo Productions and Edelman PR teamed up with Kellogg’s and Maria Menounos on a viral video campaign to tackle the not-so-serious problem of people habitually skipping breakfast and the very real consequences this behavior can have on the rest of your day.

After considering numerous options, we realized there was only one way to really reach these people, and that was face-to-face. After all, many of them didn’t even know they had this problem.

So we took over Madison Square in New York City during the height of morning rush hour, erected a larger-than-life Kellogg’s To Go Breakfast Drink, and started confronting breakfast skipaholics face-to-face with our cameras rolling.

The resulting video became a viral sensation among its target demographic and has helped raise awareness about this growing epidemic all across the world.

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