Greystone: State of Mind

Greystone & Co. commissioned Indigo to develop and produce a music video starring their CEO rapping his own original lyrics over a popular Jay-Z beat. What else do you need to know?

Indigo collaborated with Greystone’s top people and came up with the entire concept in two hours. A week later, we were transforming Greystone’s posh global headquarters overlooking Central Park into a nightclub/movie set for a powerhouse three-day shoot.

The final video premiered in front of thousands of Greystone employees at the company’s 25th-anniversary gala. Within a week of being uploaded to YouTube, the CEO was being deluged with calls and emails from people all over the world saying how much they loved it.

“The passion for creative excellence that Indigo exhibits is remarkable. Their playfulness and creativity in the production of our 25th-anniversary music video gave it a viral video quality that made people laugh so hard, they cried.

“It is not only the high-quality videos that Indigo delivers but also the teams of extraordinary people that they employ, that made this production process so enjoyable and successful for everyone.”

Marketing Director
Greystone & Co., Inc.

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