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Entrepreneurship World Cup Finalist

The Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) is a competition for entrepreneurs around the world to present their best business pitches, with $5M in prize money. To promote the event and drive applications to future editions, we filmed epic profiles for 3 of its finalists. Each was shot on location (in the Silicon Valley, Bangalore, and Namibia respectively) and captures the companies’ visionary achievements. The videos premiered at the latest edition of the Cup, which was held at the Four Seasons in Riyadh, and were a huge success:

“A HOME RUN under a TIGHT deadline!  The Indigo team combines a bunch of the best qualities that you rarely find in one company:  (1) ultra high-quality work; (2) the creativity and vision necessary to tell a great narrative story; (3) the ability to deliver on short notice; (4) responsiveness to the client’s needs through open dialogue, and (5) doing all that at an affordable cost.  I recently engaged Indigo for a high-profile, short-notice project that was global in scale, stretching across three continents:  Africa, Asia, and North America.  Indigo met every request and produced a series of stunning, vivid documentaries on start-up companies around the world, helping us to share their stories and successes with global audiences. HIGHLY recommended for all of your creative film and video needs!”

Managing Director

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