Demo Videos

A great demo video does a lot more than show how a product works.  It also entertains, inspires, and motivates its audience to take action.

At Indigo Productions we’ve created hundreds of great demo videos. We know how to get maximum viewer engagement by fine-tuning the script, the editing, the pacing, the tone, and the length of the video.

Check out some of the product demos Indigo produced below.

Our first step in creating a demo video is identifying your audience: Who is your target demographic? Have they heard of the product already, or will this be their introduction?  And what do you want them to say or think or do after watching the video?

What about the product itself – is it mass merchandise?  Is it highly specialized or technical? What style or tone is best suited to deliver this message?  Should it be humorous?  Serious?  Fast-paced?  Detailed?  Our expert team of writers, producers, directors, and animators are masters in every genre.  We will work with you to translate complex ideas and processes into compelling, relatable, and visually dynamic short films.

Today, attention spans are short and audiences are distracted.  Do you need a demo video that cuts through the clutter and grabs your audience’s attention?  Let us provide a solution.

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