Creative Development

Indigo Productions understands that the creative development of a project is crucial to its ultimate effectiveness and success.
Simply having the facility to make a meeting or event happen is not enough. Methods of gathering information abound; newer and newer technology provides unlimited access and exposure from everywhere at any time; and attention spans are dwindling.

Creative team around table discussing projectsYour meeting or event must combine the latest technological advancements in the most aesthetically pleasing and captivating way in order for your message to be heard through the clutter and maximize its impact.

Indigo is all about creative solutions as a means of conveying ideas. It’s the fundamental principle on which our award-winning company was founded in 1992.

We’re not a supply house, where you make your selections from Column A, then Column B, and so on. We don’t copy others’ ideas – nor even our own. Every one of our solutions is unique because each caters to the individual’s wants and needs.

Working with Indigo is a collaborative experience at every stage. From the initial brainstorming sessions, we work with you to construct a creative approach, which best fulfills your objectives. Our writers draw from every avenue of entertainment. Movies, TV, social media, and advertising; they’ll help you massage your script—offer moments that will imbue emotion and humor—to strengthen its efficacy. It is in these instances that connectivity and powerful messages are born.

The creative team at Indigo Productions discussing plans to develop a new client projectWe’ll show you how to most effectively integrate the latest equipment; offer interactive elements to further engage your audience; and provide you with the highest standard audio and visual effects. But only if necessary. We’re not a hard sell; we’re a smart sell. We won’t propose anything that might muddle your message or compromise your budget.

Your Indigo team will be on-hand as the meeting or event transpires, ensuring its flawless execution, and supplying an ever-present point of contact to put your mind at ease and your anxieties to rest. And because all departments are incorporated into the creative process, everyone on the team understands the goals, furthering their seamless integration and strengthening their result.

Indigo strives to not only captivate the senses but also to touch hearts and engage minds, creating moments that will resonate and last long after the meeting or event ends, fueling the growth of your company’s future.

Want to experience the true meaning of creative development? Interested in crafting a meeting or event with a lasting impact? Let Indigo show you how.

Give us a call at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.

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