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Promote am New York as a hip, upscale, up-to-the minute, information-packed, and highly popular publication for their sales force to impress advertisers. 

Although am New York is the city’s largest circulating daily newspaper, with many upscale, educated readers, it had an image problem, according to the client. It was misperceived by advertisers as a “throwaway,” which negatively affected advertising rates.

The video’s mission was to burnish the image of am New York to help convince advertisers that its adrates deserved to be on par with the Post, The Daily News, and The New York Times.


Create an exciting, stylish, fast paced promotional video that would match their   sophisticated and affluent readership.


A successful in-house promotional video also became entertainment for the general public.

The client was so pleased with our video that they expanded its use. They had intended only for salespeople to show the video on laptops to advertisers.

But they also screened it repeatedly across the city, colossal size, at major venues like the Jumbotron at Yankee Stadium and on giant video screens in Madison Square Garden.

As a value added bonus, the client could brand their newspaper directly to hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers – and you know how demanding they are.


In the words of the client: “Indigo Productions delivered big time, moving the proverbial mountain of Manhattan in a New York minute. They captured the city in fresh ways and cut a cool video with a newspaper flavor… Our salespeople loved going out to wow and woo the advertisers.”

This promotional video became the Indigo Productions love letter to New York, comprising extensive research, location scouting and ten full days of shooting. And whenever we could squeeze in an extra hour or two after wrapping another shoot, we grabbed even more shots for the client.

We covered all the iconic NYC locales, plus fashion shows, rock concerts, zoos, sports stadiums, Chelsea art galleries, the Clown Theater Festival Parade, the High Line Park, golf at Chelsea Piers, a Tribeca trapeze school and jugglers in Bryant Park. Although not every shot ended up in this promotional video, the footage is part of our own stock footage video library.

Production notes:

Our opening time-lapse of a sunrise over Manhattan took 6 hours to shoot, but was worth every minute. You can always buy a stock shot, but we knew exactly what we wanted and how to get it.

Our camera of choice was the Canon 7D with numerous lenses for specialized shots. Our DP used a Steadicam to enhance the dynamic sense of moving through our fast-paced city. To provide the client’s “newspaper look” we incorporated its graphics, font and colors during our video postproduction phase.

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