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If you’re looking for help creating your next video marketing campaign or branded content, you’ve come to the right place. Indigo Productions is a full-service video marketing company that can help you bring your next TV commercial, social campaign, or content strategy to life.

Our team of producers, directors, editors, and visual artists take your creative brief and marketing challenges and deliver effective video content—on time and on budget. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, a new startup, or an individual entrepreneur looking to execute a video marketing strategy, our team is standing by to create the content you need.

The first step is sharing the details of your project, and getting a quote. It only takes a few minutes!

About Indigo Productions

Founded in 1990 by Max Rosen, Indigo Productions is a video marketing company that has been serving the video needs of New York City and the world for decades, with a portfolio of work including Commercials, Live Event Videos, Interviews, Branded Content, and more.

Indigo Productions has a core team of talented producers, directors, editors, and writers, as well as a broad network of creative talent that can accomplish almost any marketing vision imaginable. 

In addition to production, Indigo helps develop and refine your video marketing strategy, and tailors your content to efficiently and effectively achieve your marketing goals.

Our Clients

Indigo Productions has been the Video Marketing Company for some of the world’s most well-known and successful brands, as well as small companies and individuals just beginning to make their mark.

We Create Every Kind of Video Marketing Content

Indigo is your one-stop shop for video marketing content, with a team that writes, directs, produces, and strategizes. Here are some of the types of video marketing content we produce.

Petmeds Bulldog face

TV Commercials

The biggest brands still rely on TV and Online Video spots to launch their latest products and boldest campaigns. We’ve created countless national TV spots that beat benchmarks and deliver results. We’ll shoot a series of 30s or 15s commercials that you can run on any video platform, with many options for testing and optimization.

Markit Brand Video 3D graphic design of buildings

Brand Videos

These videos help establish your brand and share your mission with prospective clients and partners. Indigo Productions can create an inspiring anthem for your company that not only promotes your products, but also your culture, values, and team. Brand videos are typically a bit longer, but can be cut down into shorter formats.

SuitSupply Live Event group of unhappy beige wearing store clerks

Live Event Video

If you’re hosting a conference or live event, every moment is an opportunity for video marketing content. Indigo Productions has captured many live events at broadcast quality, editing keynotes, product demos, and interviews into long and short form marketing content. Turn your event into an investment!

Madame Tussauds social media video thumbnail featuring Stan Lee

Social Media Content

The world spends almost twice as much time on social media as they do on traditional TV, so your social media video marketing company and strategy is more important than ever. Indigo can create short, engaging content for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and almost any other platform.

Works with Alexa echo device Amazon Brand video

Product Videos

Video is proven to drive conversions, and whether you’re selling SaaS or physical products, a well-executed product video can have a positive impact on your sales, conversion rates, and revenues. Indigo can shoot product demos, screen capture animations, and client testimonials to help your business grow.

Stock image illustrating an idea whilst showing a lit lightbulb in and a black hand

Thought Leader

Many brands and executives want to share knowledge and insights about their industry, and everything that’s to come. Indigo creates interviews, anthems, and manifestos that advance your brand and leaders as sources of knowledge and representatives of your industry.

Our Services

Making a successful Video Marketing campaign requires many different skill sets, from planning to production. We handle every part of Video Marketing production from start to finish

Whether it’s your first Video Marketing project or your thousandth, Indigo Productions is the right partner to help you bring your ideas to life and help your business reach its audience. Even if you need an unusual service or skill set, our full-time crew and numerous creative partners can create almost anything.

Our team’s capabilities include:

  • Creative
  • Scripting
  • Art Direction
  • On-Site DIT
  • Technical Direction
  • Sound Design
  • Equipment
  • Video Editing
  • Branded Graphics
  • Strategy
  • Concepting
  • Scriptwriting
  • Visual design
  • Creative direction
  • Animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Broadcast quality shoots
  • Editing
  • Color correction
  • Sound design
  • Distribution
And much more!

Success Stories

We’ve helped countless clients reach their video marketing goals and beyond. Here are some of our favorite success stories.

Sony Pictures - five star review

Indigo is truly a team; your team.  They jumped in with both feet to make something new and exciting happen and delivered exactly what I asked for but went above and beyond in quality, scope & creativity.  The head of the company and team is transparent, results-driven and highly effective.  So good I almost want to keep it a secret so I have them all to myself!  LOL.

— Senior VP of Worldwide Content

Sleeper - five star review

We LOVE the commercial that Indigo produced for our fantasy sports app! Indigo was incredibly easy to work with and mind-bogglingly quick. The quality is stunning, and everyone at our company is thrilled with the way Indigo brilliantly integrated our product into a funny, powerful, gorgeous, high-end spot.

— Co-founder

Deutsche Bank - five star review

Massively impressed with Indigo's work on our corporate animated explainer video. Starting with our (sad) script, they turned it into an engaging, visual, and attention-grabbing sequence filled with symbols and emotional attachment. Additionally, Max and his team are reasonable and good to work with...we'll be back for more video work.

— Managing Director

Salesforce - five star review

I'm constantly impressed by Indigo Productions, they're an amazing company.  As a Preferred Partner & Vendor here at Salesforce, they've created over 50 videos for us over the years.  Indigo has a great team of professionals whose work is consistently innovative, visually stunning, and most importantly, masterful in delivering a powerful message.

— Enterprise Director

PetMeds - five star review

Really enjoyed collaborating with Indigo! We had some persona videos we needed them to produce in a very short period of time. They were extremely responsive, professional, efficient, and ultimately executed very high quality videos.  We were all impressed by their work.

— Chief Marketing Officer

Viacom - five star review

Working with Indigo has been fantastic. Indigo brought vision, creativity, flexibility, leadership, and the rare ability to bring our ideas to the screen in the most dynamic way possible. I’m also delighted that they were able to scale up with us as the scope of the project expanded. Two thumbs way up for Indigo!

— Director of Content

Our Video Marketing Process

Every project is different, but it’s important to have an experienced team and a proven process to create the right Video Marketing campaign. Sometimes you start with a script. Sometimes you have existing footage. But most often, we start totally from scratch!

Wondering what to expect? Here’s how our Video Marketing Company creates great content and campaigns.

Step 1: Tell Us About Your Project

We start by hearing the basic parameters of your project and having a brief conversation about your goals, needs, and limitations.

Think about the problems your business needs to solve, and why you’re interested in Video Marketing content. Are you promoting a new product, trying to drive conversions, or building awareness? Video can deliver messages in ways that no other formats can, and in a world where everyone is staring at a screen, it’s the perfect way to reach modern audiences.

Also think about what you have to start. Do you have a script, a rough concept, or simply a business to promote? Indigo productions can help out if you’re starting with a fully completed shooting script or just need some video content.

And finally, think about what you can realistically spend. As with anything else, with video you get what you pay for. But you’d be surprised how lean and scrappy productions can deliver amazing results—so long as you invest in the right team and the right idea.

Our discussion gives us enough information to pull together a rough budget and execution plan for your project, and deliver a statement of work and contract. Now the real work begins!


Step 2: Pre-Production

Pre-production is when all the critical planning, writing, design, and casting happens. At Indigo Productions, we believe that this is the most important part of any Video Marketing project!

Modern cameras are small, flexible, and capable. You might be compelled to just pick one up and start shooting. But the difference between a bad video and a great one is the work you put in beforehand.

That’s why we spend a ton of time on the concept and script. A great story does a better job of selling than fancy lighting, so we make sure every word and frame helps your company engage the audience. We’ll also plan out the visuals and location, enlisting the right director and the best possible team with the skills to bring your project to life. We’ll cast on-camera talent and voice actors as well.

Depending on the complexity of the camera movements and animations, we may elect to create storyboards and simple animatics to help us plan the shoot. And with all the pieces in place, we’re ready to create your video.


Step 3: Production

While planning is vital, our production days are really where the magic happens. It’s an exciting, dynamic, and sometimes lengthy day on set when our experienced teams actually light and shoot the footage and assets your project requires.

Depending on your concept, this could be a location shoot in a real home or business, or a studio setup in a much more controlled environment. Some productions don’t use cameras at all but are created entirely with software or editing.

You’ll experience an exciting day on set with a lot of moving pieces, and our clients are a critical part of the process. By the end of production, we’ll have all of the footage, artwork, and elements we need to assemble the final marketing videos.


Step 4: Post-Production

Post-production is when we take a diamond in the rough and turn it into a polished gemstone. First, we review every single piece of footage we shoot, selecting the best of the best and converting everything to the right file formats.

Next, we’ll create a rough cut, which will finally start to look like the real thing. Clients weigh in with their notes, and we make additional changes as required. We add in sound, music, and special effects, and present a final cut to review.

Once the cut is “locked,” we can apply all the finishing touches. The color of every shot is balanced and perfected, sound is professionally mixed, and titles, special effects, and animations are added. Finally, deliver your completed videos.


Step 5: Test and Learn

For Video Marketing, we recommend testing a variety of messages, promos, end tags, and options. Often we’ll create a second batch of videos with an additional round of changes, to make sure your campaign is performing at its peak, ensuring your business meets all of its video marketing goals.

But it all starts with a free quote!

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Let’s Make A Video Marketing Campaign!

If you’ve made it this far, you know everything you need to get started. Indigo Productions is one of the most respected Video Marketing Companies in the world, and we can’t wait to make your project a reality!

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