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At Indigo Productions, media buying is not just about negotiating the best price and placement for our clients’ ads.

It’s also about identifying new opportunities and finding new customers in places our clients haven’t even looked.

Indigo’s media buying strategy is to negotiate for optimal value on behalf of our clients based on the recommendations of our media planners.

We leverage our clients’ media dollars for premium placements, cross-promotional efforts, and other added value on the media channels we buy.

As media habits and consumption evolve and change, we continue to find new channels, platforms, and opportunities to target specific audiences and demographics.

We’re able to do this successfully because we understand the media landscape and its evolution. We recognize when a new platform or technology has reached the level of penetration of the desired target market to benefit you.

Indigo Productions has the clout to negotiate the best deal for you in traditional media outlets as well as all the new media platforms coming online, including Apple’s iAd, Hulu, YouTube, Adap.TV, InMobi, Google AdSense, Facebook Video Ads, and Amazon.

With digital marketing and media buying becoming more and more integrated, it’s more important than ever to work with a partner that understands your goals and adapts as needed.

Indigo Productions tracks, strategizes, and continually analyzes your data in real-time. We look at placement stats, geographic stats, creative stats, and hourly stats, all on multiple levels to determine what is and what isn’t working and more importantly provides the greatest possible transparency into the performance of your campaigns.

Buying space is easy. Buying it at maximum value and utilizing it successfully is what we do.

To discuss how Indigo Productions can place your ad at the best price for maximum response, set up a free consultation.

Call us at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.

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