Independent Films

You have the script, the drive, the desire. All you need is production support. And that’s where Indigo comes in.

At Indigo Productions, we pride ourselves on helping artists bring their inspiration to life. After two decades in the business, we have the tools and the personnel that you need. Documentary or fiction, short or full-length feature, low or medium budget, we’ve done it all, and we can help you.

What Indigo offers, above all, is one-stop shopping. If the world of budgets, schedules, talent releases, call sheets, and location contracts seems a little daunting, we’ve got you covered. If the on-set logistics of lighting, blocking, rigging, and set-building aren’t your thing, we’ll get it done. If you need support in the editing room, we can help. Or maybe you just need to round out a production crew with a few missing role players.

We’ll work with you from pre-production (planning, casting, staffing, and budgeting) through production (lighting, blocking, and shooting) and right on through to post-production (editing, finishing, and release). We can offer the following tools and much more:

  • budgeting and staffing software
  • production management/scheduling software
  • storyboarding tools
  • cameras (HD, 35 mm, red)
  • lighting (kits, led, china balls, light banks, gels)
  • rigging (stands, dolly tracks)
  • sound (audio recorders, booms, lavs)
  • Steadicams
  • jibs
  • cranes
  • green screen
  • motion capture
  • 2d and 3d animation
  • stereoscopic 3d
  • avid systems
  • digital compositing and rendering
  • video finishing
  • video duplication

Above all, what makes Indigo special is its people. Indigo’s award-winning team is drawn from the ranks of New York’s finest TV, music, film, and stage professionals. It’s a who’s who list of top-tier talent—artists and master craftsmen—and they’ll all be at your disposal to make your vision come alive.

  • Directors
  • Cinematographers
  • Animators
  • Producers
  • Film And Video Editors
  • Actors
  • Performers
  • Hair & Make-Up Stylists
  • Wardrobe Stylists
  • Art Directors

When you’re ready to bring your work off the page and onto the screen, Indigo Productions will be there to help. We’ll work with you from the office through the set, from the editing room right on to your film’s eventual release to festivals, cable TV, or indie studio distribution.

If you’re interested in creating independent films and need expert production support, Indigo is the solution

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