AM New York On The Pulse

AM New York, Manhattan’s largest daily newspaper, hired Indigo to create a unique promo video about their hip, upscale, and in-demand publication.

Indigo shot for 10 days all over New York City, documenting scores of amazing recommendations pulled directly from their pages. Our marathon production included stops in all five boroughs, a Beyoncé concert, time-lapse photography of a dramatic NYC sunrise, and location shoots for 20 other amazing things.

The hardest part about the post-production was deciding what to leave out. After a really fun edit, some custom-designed motion graphics, and an infectiously groovy pop track, the video eventually took on a life of its own.

It premiered in front of a packed house on the Yankee Stadium Diamond Vision screen and played for several additional months on numerous video billboards all over New York City, including Times Square and Madison Square Garden.

“Indigo Productions is a first-rate creative agency. They are a pleasure to work with. I’m extremely proud of their finished work and would highly recommend them for video production services.”

Marketing Director
AM New York

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