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Trade Shows

Exhibitors at various trade shows and conventions may have similar goals, but their results can be dramatically different.

Each show caters to a different audience, so if you don’t plan your presence accordingly, you won’t receive the same return on your investment.

So why settle for the “same old, same old” when it comes to your trade show needs?

Indigo is a complete production company built on professionals experienced in a variety of creative fields, not just the event production business. They share a passion for stretching the boundaries of what has gone before, always striving to create work that touches and surprises the hearts and minds of their audience.

From concept to construction, load-in to post-analysis, we’ll work with you every step of the way in producing your trade show presence. Our creative team will get to know your company. They’ll consider your ideas and goals and brainstorm a design that will best accomplish your objectives without breaking the budget.

Indigo offers the latest equipment and is versed in all the cutting-edge techniques. Since every member of the team works together in the development process, every aspect—from special effects to color scheme, custom-built fixtures to lighting plan—flows seamlessly in execution. We’ll carefully craft a rich, robust experience that will make your booth and its message stand out among the crowd.

Want your next trade show appearance to be one remembered by your peers? Interested in creating a presence that will even attract the most jaded industry veterans?

Give us call at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.


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