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Publicity Events

In today’s world of a thousand television channels, thousands of social networking opportunities, and countless Internet sites, everything is something, and nothing is anything for more than a day or two.

In this fast-moving environment, Indigo Productions is poised to ensure your publicity event gains the utmost attention along every avenue of exposure.

Indigo is all about “outside the box.”

We are not merely a facilitator of flawlessly executed events built around the latest and hottest equipment. We’re built on creativity as a means to reach people on a visceral level, employing the best in film, TV, theater, advertising, and social media. Our creative professionals share an ideal of pushing beyond what has gone before in crafting memorable events that attendees will be clamoring to share online as quickly as possible.

But it’s the connectivity we make with you that begins the process of our next success story. With your goals and parameters as a guide, we’ll design an event that will ignite reaction and generate a buzz that will remain far longer.

Our award-winning team of creative professionals can develop any idea or shape any information, incorporate a narrative thread, which will tell your story using moments of surprise, humor, and drama while retaining a clear understanding of your objectives.

Indigo offers a complete range of cutting-edge technology and the latest equipment to help transcend your event to the heights of viral-worthy. Because our people are creative-driven, they’re adept at fashioning anything from a spectacular, hi-tech event to a more humble budget-conscious one while still maximizing the impact of your message.

Want to reach the true potential of your publicity event? Interested on connecting on every level of social media?  Want to integrate word-class video production into your event? Give Indigo a call at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.


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