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Meetings and Events

At Indigo Productions, we gauge the success of each meeting and event by how much the attendees get out of it physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

Our clients have an important message to convey to their audience. We help them to convey it in immersive and experiential ways.

Indigo’s meetings and events team are drawn from numerous professional disciplines including film and television production, live event production, architecture, musical theater, sketch comedy, social media, and experiential design. We specialize in the following types of events:

Indigo Productions views every meeting and event as an opportunity to create a lasting and impactful experience for every attendee, whether it’s an intimate function, a corporate gathering, or a production for an audience of thousands.

We’re fully equipped and expertly versed in all avenues of event production:

We can develop the concept, write the script, assemble the cast and crew, build sets, design the lighting, manage the sound system, and ensure a unified, cohesive message through all aspects of the event.

Our team of producers, creative directors, writers, and technical directors will devise a meeting or event that stimulates the minds of the audience and also touches them on a visceral level.

Do you want to create a memorable experience at your next meeting or event? Do you need some expert intervention on a project already in motion?

Give Indigo Productions a call at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.


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