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Videos for Non-Profits

Individuals donate on average over $200 Billion a year in contributions to Non-Profit Organizations.

These dollars did not just materialize.

These NPOs leveraged various forms of marketing and communications to evangelize their causes and gain donors. One of the most effective measures to promote a non-profit organization and its cause is through the use of videos. As more and more cause-minded consumers rely on video as a primary information source, NPOs must establish a solid and well thought out video communication strategy to maximize this channel.

Depending on its intended goals, a video must expertly capture the essence of the organization’s mission, projects and guiding principles. Indigo has established itself as the foremost specialist in the creation of videos for Non-Profit Organizations. Founded in the heart of mid-town New York City and in close proximity to the leading Foundations and cause-related institutions in the world. Indigo Productions has the experience and expertise your organization demands.

Cause-related appeals are emotional and in many cases promulgate life-saving concerns. Building trust among your current and potential donors is the foundation of any donor-building effort. Your supporters must have faith in not only your mission, but in your organizations commitment and ability to carry out that mission. These factors will be the most critical determinants in growing and maintaining your donor base.

Indigo has experience with a wide variety of NPOs including:

• Arts, Culture and Humanities
• Education and Research
• Environment and Animals
• Health
• Human Services
• International
• Public, Societal Benefit
• Religion
• Government

Indigo understands that non-profit organizations come in many shapes and sizes and can at times work on a limited budgets and timelines. We are sensitive to the distinctions between corporate business cultures and cause-driven cultures and how those nuances impact the development of marketing communications initiatives. We live in your world and understand your unique concerns and requirements.

Indigo first strives to get inside your organization by asking questions like:

• What is your mission?
• Who is impacted by the work that you do?
• What is really at stake?
• Why is this important and urgent?
• What are the specific ways that your organization impacts this cause?
• What results are you producing?
• And how, specifically, can donor endowments directly impact this outcome?

Once we understand the underlying story, we work to establish a concept that hits the appropriate tone: Urgency? Compassionate? Endearment? Historical?

Once the tone is identified we develop a treatment that embodies your organizational culture and history – takes on its iconography and look & feel – and understands your target audience. This encompasses the whole production, from music selection, editing, lighting, locations, and the people that we select to represent the organization.

Most important, we make sure that the video is built to accomplish a specific goal – in this case drive donors or gain membership. What is the call to action? What do we want the viewer to do?

Since 1992, Indigo has built a reputation of unparalleled specialization in helping foundations and cause-related instructions to drive donorship and increase membership.

Looking to create an impactful video that inspires viewers to give? Don’t look any further. Indigo Productions is the foremost creator of NPO videos in the country. Call us at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.


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