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Market Research Videos

If you don’t understand the people you’re talking to, it’s a good bet that they won’t understand your message.

While this seems like common sense, businesses still overlook the importance of researching their audiences.  Indigo Productions will help you conduct proper research – a critical step in any communications initiative.

Our research strategists have worked on the client side, the agency side, as consultants, and with large research firms. We’ve done projects spanning from sole proprietorships to numerous Fortune 500 companies, and the largest most influential advertising agencies and brand consultancies on earth.

Because we have experience in a wide-range of research methodologies as well as various client environments, our focus is to first and foremost make sure that our work accomplishes your overall business goals, not just the research goals at hand.

We also have extensive experience on the creative and production side, which means that our focus is making sure that the way the story is told is as compelling as the insights.

As a full service market research provider, we offer a wide range of ways to conduct research and bring it to life with video, audio and compelling graphics.

Indigo provides research services such as:

• ethnography
• video diaries
• focus groups
• in-home video
• one-on-one interviews
• bringing findings to life
• office/work ecosystem
• he said/she said
• in-office context video
• online groups
• shopalongs
• pitch videos
• customer experience ideation videos
• in-store video
• international video
• market research videos

Indigo also offers à la carte research-based services including:

• strategy videos
• moodboard videos
• original scripted work
• personas
• target audience videos
• internal launch videos
• viral videos (customer facing)
• viral videos (internal)
• findings brought to life
• experience analogies

Do you need great market research video production?
Let Indigo provide the solution.

Call us at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.


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