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Industrial Videos

Scenario: Your business vertical is unique and specialized, your audience is clearly defined, and you need to create an impactful message – but few vendors really understand your industry.

Indigo has built a reputation since 1992 helping corporations from specialized industries create compelling and impactful videos designed to reach niche audiences across a diverse range of verticals.

Our team of writers, producers, marketing professionals and subject matter experts get inside of your business, capture its nuances and vernacular, its tone and personality and its functional role in the marketplace.

A quick look at our work samples will clearly reveal the diversity and range of our clientele – and how we capture the appropriate tone, look, feel and distinction that befit your target audience.

Indigos clients include a wide portfolio of niche industries and verticals including:

• Construction
• Pharmaceutical/Healthcare
• Financial Services
• Municipalities
• Government
• Technology
• Labor Unions
• Consumer Packaged Goods
• Automotive
• Sports and Entertainment
• Health and Beauty
• Professional Services
• Legal

We understand how industrial videos need to reflect your company’s image and reputation. And we understand that all specialized industries have a unique language that must resonate with your audiences. Hitting the accurate cultural nuance is key to ensuring that your message comes across with the right mix of familiarity and information. Our videos are designed to capture and maintain the audience’s interest while communicating your unique corporate communication.

Whether your video is for marketing, fundraising, training, team building, internal communications or educational, our deep industry experience offers a full turnkey service from script, creative, production, deployment and post analysis.

Do you need an interesting, visually appealing industrial video? Do you want to spread your company’s message in a cost-effective way? Let us handle your next industrial video.

Call us at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.


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