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Employee Profile Videos

When potential clients, investors, partners or employees are evaluating your company, one of the first things they look at is your people. Your employees are the assets that get things done, create value, drive profits, possess expertise, and grow the organization.

Companies are becoming more and more aware of the importance that their employees play in their overall value, and the creation of Employee Profile videos is a great way to ensure that this is communicated effectively.

Take a look at this Partner Profile we created for the law firm Hodgson Russ:

When a prospective investor or employee researches your company, any careful evaluation will include an examination of key personnel. Compelling, engaging, and impactful video profiles can:

• Showcase their strengths
• Evoke their personalities and unique qualities
• Describe their accomplishments
• Allow them express their point of view
• Offer insights into their role at your company – what they do, the impact they make, and how they feel about working there

Employee profile videos need not be limited to Upper Management. All rank-and-file employees have a story – and these stories are all relevant to your corporate image.

Indigo Productions understand this unique communications initiative – and has produced Employee Profile videos for large global brands.  These videos project the human side of your organization and give prospective partners a true sense of your culture.

Employee Profile videos also allow you to take control of your message, ensuring that your people and their insights are developed consistently with your overall corporate image. We will ensure that these Employee Profile videos are within the first page of search engine rankings to help protect the reputation of your people and your organization.

Indigo Productions can build a powerful Employee Profile video campaign for your company by sharing with the world your greatest single asset: Your people.

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