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Educational Videos

For a generation that grew up in a multimedia world, nothing puts an educational message across quite like video.

At Indigo Productions, we understand how to bring the art of storytelling to your educational videos – how to elevate them into content with real intellectual and emotional resonance. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re eye-catching too!

A strong educational video is not just a syllabus with pictures. At its best, it’s a powerful communication medium, extremely effective for information delivery. As a supplement to your lectures and texts, our educational videos can bring a subject to life with:

• Live-streaming classes and events
• Interviews with expert guests
• Virtual tours of laboratories, museums, archaeological sites
• SCORM-compliant video formats
• e-Learning course guidance
• Interactive videos solutions
• Trackable HTML5 content for your LMS
• PowerPoint course conversions

Our producers, writers and creative staff will work with you from the first moments of pre-production to focus in on the educational goals and objectives of your project. From pre-production (mapping out the concept and course guidelines) through production (classroom or studio shoot) and on to post-production (editing, branding, designing, and authoring), they will be with you each step of the way to deliver your educational message.

Our award-winning team of writers, editors, directors, cameramen, and producers is drawn from the ranks of New York’s finest creative talent – film, television, and video professionals. They combine advanced technical knowledge with a refined artistic sensibility.

  • video and film editors
  • music composers
  • directors
  • art directors

What Indigo offers, above all, is one-stop shopping—the full range of creative services under one roof. We can help you design, budget, staff, and produce anything from a low-budget hand-held one-camera shoot to full-on multi-camera filming, complete with tools as high end as you need. We’ll help you conceive it, cast it, staff it, record it, and make it great.

Since great narration is as crucial to learning as a well-delivered lecture, our voice-over talent includes some of the New York top voices. Because the right music is key to a strong video, we have an immense music database– from hip-hop to jazz to complex orchestral arrangements–to help give your video that extra bit of energy. If you need on-screen text, our graphic designers can help deliver that extra visual pop, so that the words are actually read, not ignored. And if you’re interested in weaving in special effects, we can do that too.

Our a la carte services include:

  • sound design
  • compositing
  • motion capture

At Indigo, we understand the constraints of a tight budget and know how to get the most visual impact out of limited resources. We know how to work within your means to get a great video—and you’ll be surprised just how much production value you can get. With even a small budget, you can have a remarkable new tool that will enrich the classroom experience for you and your students.

If it’s time to bring the visual impact of educational films into your classroom, then it’s time to tap into our production experience. Call us at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.


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