Our voiceover artists are specialists who understand the nuances of pitch, tone, accent, enunciation, and proper phrasing. Avoid amateurish mistakes, mispronunciations, low-quality sound, and save time by using our professional voice-over talent.

From our large pool of talent, we can narrate your project in an assortment of languages, accents, and ages. We record voiceovers in our soundproof audio booth, which includes an audio sweetening system. With our phone patch, you can monitor the recording while in progress.

With our experience we find the perfect voice to complement your video, a voice that neither over-powers nor under-performs.

In addition to our full range of video production services, Indigo Productions also offers a full range of voiceover services, including:

  • 100% digital recording chain
  • Phone patch
  • A large variety of multicultural speakers
  • AKG 414 microphones
  • Compressors & Equalizers
  • DAT decks

Do you need a polished voiceover narrator for your video? Having trouble finding that one perfect voice?

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