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Immersive 3D Productions That Replicate the Experience of Being There

Opening up your doors to the public has never been more important or more challenging. That’s why Indigo Productions is helping leading organizations like the American Musical and Dramatic Academy to create rewarding, immersive, and interactive connections through 3D virtual tours.

Let your customers step into the experience through our intuitive 360-degree panoramic tours. As the experts in video production services, Indigo’s virtual tours capture your deep, rich, and full environment in high resolution and replicate the experience of being here.

Real estate firms, construction companies, architectural sites, colleges, and educational institutions, country clubs and hotels, museums, and tourist attractions have boosted engagement by offering 3D tours that resonate with its constituents.


Panoramic virtual tours capture real spaces stitched together in real-time in a way that allows the viewer to be transported into the experience. Our technology is intuitive and easy to use from any mobile device or computer.  We give your customers the controls to navigate around from all angles in hyperreality, as though they were walking around the space in person. Any tour can also be embellished with clickable content such as videos, still photography, educational texts, and links for even more customization. Indigo’s full suite of creative production services makes content integration smooth and effective.


Offering your customers 3D tours elevates their experience from static to the state-of-the-art. Still photos or even video alone can’t match the level of interactivity and connection. That’s because unlike video, customers can move through the space at their own pace. They can linger, change angles, move closer, move back. Virtual tours allow viewers to focus on what they want for as long as they want. As a result, instead of simply seeing, they are exploring. And that’s why forward-thinking industries recognize the power of 3D tour technology with Indigo Productions at the helm. 

For more than 30 years, Indigo Productions has been creating dynamic content for some of the world’s most admired brands including virtual and streaming services to help businesses successfully pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Virtual panoramic tours are game-changers for industries from museums and hospitality to real estate and education.

In the world of museums, galleries, cultural institutions, virtual tours allow users to travel room by room, exhibition piece by exhibition piece without crowds or interference. At the same time, sampling the offerings through 3D technology has proven to inspire people to visit in person. Clickable content such as artist bios and videos can be integrated into the tour to make it even more robust.

For work sites involving architectural renovation or new construction, 3D technology documents progress in greater detail and more cost-effectively than time-lapse photography. Commercial and residential real estate firms qualify prospects faster and sell properties in less time–sometimes without a buyer even stepping foot on the grounds.

Colleges, hospitals, and corporations can use 3D to showcase their campuses with on-demand tours and provide visitors with wayfinding and route-planning directions without the need for complicated maps. Virtual tours can boost membership for golf, country, and yacht clubs while the platform is a transformative strategy for hotels, arenas, tourist attractions, and destination marketing organizations.  It allows venues to be showcased to decision-makers in their vacation planning stages in the best possible way.


Indigo Production leverages its world-class expertise and dynamic team to ensure the best possible outcome.

  • The first step is determining the goal of the tour. What is the experience you want your customers to have? Is it to provide them with a general overview of the environment or an in-depth exploration? Will additional content, such as stills, text, and video, be integrated into the tour? Then we customize a proposal for your specifications.

  • Next, we go on location and scout the space to see if any staging needs to be done, objects need to move or articles need to be styled. Our team follows strict COVID safety protocols at all times. We determine how many camera positions are required and if additional lighting is necessary. Then we provide an estimate on the length of the production.

  • On production day, our team of specialists gets to work using our robotic camera system to capture the full range of digital information.

  • After the shoot, we go into post-production, reviewing the tour, see what elements may need to be retouched or altered, and integrate additional content if desired.

“Everyone we worked with at Indigo Productions was incredibly hands-on and professional. From concept to completion, they helped us create an absolutely stunning virtual tour of our New York City campus. This will be a valuable tool for AMDA that we will use for many years to come.”

American Musical and Dramatic Academy

Blake Babbitt, AMDA Director of Outreach

In addition to 3D virtual tours, NYC-based Indigo Productions excels at creating virtual events, commercials, corporate videos, and entertainment projects. We work with global brands as well as startups on all phases of production, from concept development to scripting shooting, editing, and music scoring, which is why we’ve garnered nearly 200 five-star reviews.

To find out how 3D virtual tours can generate sales, boost engagement, and enhance your customer’s experience, visit our contact page or call (212) 765-5224 to discuss your next project.

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Sony Pictures - five star review

Indigo is truly a team; your team.  They jumped in with both feet to make something new and exciting happen and delivered exactly what I asked for but went above and beyond in quality, scope & creativity.  The head of the company and team is transparent, results-driven and highly effective.  So good I almost want to keep it a secret so I have them all to myself!  LOL.

— Senior VP of Worldwide Content

Ogilvy - five star review

Indigo was straightforward, responsive, and ready to collaborate. This was my first time producing a live stream, and Indigo was patient with the multitude of questions - big & small - their response time was unparalleled. When it came to the day, we had an A+ crew from Indigo, and the stream went off without a hitch. Thank you, Indigo!

— Production Coordinator

Deutsche Bank - five star review

Massively impressed with Indigo's work on our corporate animated explainer video. Starting with our (sad) script, they turned it into an engaging, visual, and attention-grabbing sequence filled with symbols and emotional attachment. Additionally, Max and his team are reasonable and good to work with...we'll be back for more video work.

— Managing Director

Salesforce - five star review

I'm constantly impressed by Indigo Productions, they're an amazing company.  As a Preferred Partner & Vendor here at Salesforce, they've created over 50 videos for us over the years.  Indigo has a great team of professionals whose work is consistently innovative, visually stunning, and most importantly, masterful in delivering a powerful message.

— Enterprise Director

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