Bulgari Heritage

Bulgari, the legendary Italian jewelry and luxury goods company, commissioned Indigo Productions to develop and produce a video commemorating their 125th anniversary.

Bulgari wanted to highlight their brand’s reputation for exceptional quality, innovative style, and impeccable service, along with their diverse business portfolio of jewels, watches, fragrances, skincare, and accessories.

Indigo’s creative team combed through Bulgari’s extensive archives and lovingly handcrafted a one-minute motion picture that offers viewers a compelling glimpse into the storied history of Bulgari and what drives them as a company today.

The video was one in a series of six videos we have created to date for Bulgari, with more slated for the coming year.

“The final video exceeded all of our expectations, which made me look like a champion. You are masters of your craft. I would highly recommend Indigo Productions to anyone who needs video production services.”

Bulgari Executive

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