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At Indigo, the people we hire to work in front of our cameras are not just actors or hosts. They’re also creative collaborators. They help us tell better stories. We approach our casting process accordingly.

We are especially drawn to people who can take the story as it exists on the page, and then add something of their own to it, something special, that elevates the material to a whole other level.

The chemistry between talent is equally important to us. We’re big advocates of call-backs, screen tests, and whatever else it takes to ensure that our final cast of characters is greater than the sum of their individual talents.

Our Casting Directors have long-standing relationships with talent agencies in LA, NY, London, and all corners of the world, so we can cast as wide a net as necessary for each particular role.

Once we cull the choices down to a selection of just the very best, we circulate those options to all the various decision makers, and help facilitate the decision making process.

When the final choices are made, we negotiate talent fees and contracts with each person, and manage their travel arrangements, rehearsals, wardrobe, and shoot schedule.

We work with union and non-union talent, and cast the following types of projects:

Do you need a cast of actors or models, a host, or narrator for your video project? Having trouble finding the right talent? Let Indigo handle all your casting needs.

Call us at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.


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