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Video Production Process

Clients often ask us for a step-by-step description of the video production process so we wrote up this easy reference.

This list contains the main steps typically involved in making a high-quality marketing video, branding video, or recruitment video – in short, a corporate video of any type.

Please keep in mind that every project is different, so not every step listed below happens on every project. And of course many projects have unique steps that are not listed here.

Also keep in mind that client input, and approval is built in at every relevant stage.


– Meet with client to discuss key goals, key messages & audience demographics
– Agree on desired outcomes (what the audience should think or say or do after watching the video)
– Discuss video distribution strategy (e.g. website, YouTube, social media, etc.)
– Review client assets (existing footage, still photos, locations, on-camera talent, logos, artwork, props, etc.)
– Agree on budget for project (this will determine what it’s possible to achieve in terms of production values)
– Sign contract
– Assign director, writer, creative team
– Research
– Creative development
– Discuss specific ideas for the video
– Agree on content, style, and structure of video
– Write script or treatment (if needed)
– Create storyboards (if needed)
– Write interview questions (if needed)
– Casting
– Location scouting
– Pre-interviews with on-camera talent, subject matter experts, etc
– Rehearsals
– Logistics, planning, and scheduling of shoot
– Obtain certificates of insurance
– Decide on the exact crew and equipment needed (number of cameras, models of cameras, exact lens package, lighting package, audio requirements, special equipment, etc)
– Agree on all technical specs (resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio, etc.)
– Firmly book all crew & equipment
– Final phone calls with client, creative team, crew
– Create call sheets and distribute to crew


– Crew meets, unloads equipment from vehicles, enters location, unpacks equipment
– Set up lights, camera, audio, special equipment (props, teleprompter, drone, camera cars, etc.)
– On-camera talent goes into makeup
– Final wardrobe selection
– Everyone ready? “3,2,1… ACTION!”
– Film all scenes and all action for the day
– Transfer all footage, pack up all equipment, exit location


– Input, organize, and review all footage
– Transcribe interviews (if any)
– Video editing
– Submit rough cut for client feedback / approval
– Motion graphics and titles
– Stock footage research (if any)
– Music scoring
– Sound design
– More video editing
– Submit fine cut for client feedback / approval
– Voiceover casting
– Voiceover recording
– Color correction
– Audio mixing
– Final output / quality check
– Upload finished video and deliver to client
– Video distribution / seeding (e.g. YouTube, social media, etc.)

And that’s all there is to it!


If you have questions about anything related to video production, please contact us anytime.  We’ve produced thousands of successful programs over the past couple of decades and we love sharing our knowledge!  To find out more about the TV and video production services offered by Indigo Productions, please visit our website. You can also get in touch with us through our contact page or call us with any questions at: (212) 765-5224

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