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live streaming video

Indigo Productions offers live streaming video for use in broadcasting your event in real time to any device, any size audience, anywhere in the world, and in HD.

Whether it’s a fashion show, annual corporate meeting or secure legal conference we can broadcast your event live to as many viewers that have web access via their iPhone, Android, lap top, or large screen monitors.

For those not able to view the live event, we provide an On-Demand cloud streaming link that allows anybody, anywhere in the world, to watch the file anytime!

During the event we simultaneously create a high-definition archive file you may keep for editing highlights or viewing later.

Our professional Indigo team will help you with on-site troubleshooting, high security encryptions, industry standard streaming formats, video and audio monitoring, On-Demand streaming video links, and any future editing needs.

Do you need an event streamed over the Internet? Do you want experienced professionals who guarantee a smooth streaming experience? Let us stream your next event.

Call us at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.


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