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Stereoscopic 3D production

The world of stereoscopic 3D is exploding. It’s not just the wave of the future any more. It’s happening now.

At Indigo, we understand that stereoscopic 3D isn’t just about creating eye-popping visuals. It’s about telling better stories. 3D is finally starting to become the powerful storytelling tool it always promised to be all those decades ago.

Indigo Productions is a leader in stereoscopic 3D. With decades of combined 3D experience, the team at Indigo has shot everything from 3D fashion shows to stereoscopic 3D graphics packages for the NHL all-star game, from corporate videos to indie features.

Our award-winning team of editors and producers is drawn from the ranks of New York’s finest creative talent – film, television, and video professionals. They combine an advanced technical knowledge with a refined artistic sensibility. It’s a who’s who of pros that have worked for everyone from MTV to HBO, from PBS to Miramax.

What Indigo offers is one-stop-shopping. Of course, we have the state of the art in hardware and software technology for stereoscopic 3D. But most important, our team prides itself on collaborating with you each step of the way.

In pre-production, our producers and visual designers will work with you to determine how your ideas can best be delivered through 3D. Previsualization of live action 3D scenes will save time and money by mapping focal length and parallax information, but just as crucial, it will help shape your vision. In production, our directors and cameramen will work with you on the set to be sure you’re getting the full benefit of the medium. With real time monitoring, you’ll see exactly what’s being shot in full 3D. And in post, our editors will be maximizing the impact of the 3D and keeping you in sync every step of the way.

Indigo can bring the incredibly immersive power of our 3D to a remarkable range of your projects:

The latest 3D focuses on evoking a greater sense of intimacy—a more immersive experience. Producers and directors are moving beyond the thrill rides of the past, and starting to explore the true power and emotional impact that 3D can deliver.

If you’re ready for stereoscopic 3D, Indigo will help you get the highest production value out of your 3D shoot – keeping your dollars on the screen by maximizing creativity, and efficiency, from acquisition through post.

With our experience and knowledge of stereoscopic 3D filmmaking, we understand how everything fits together, how to deliver what you need, on time and on budget.

If you need the visual impact of stereoscopic 3D, Indigo can help you put the package together. If you’ve never tried 3D before, and now is the time, we are ready to help.

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